Moonlight Sonata (Moonlight Series): Book 1

If you lose someone who was the only person who mattered, you're done. But, what if someone you find just by a dream, changed the emotion. How do you think Claire handled her thought of her killing her own mother? How can you react to that? Losing the only the only one who you thought would care for you. Claire finds her other half, Blake, making her heal through her pain of loss.


8. Next Day


                    The last thing that I remember before I fell asleep was crying about my mom. Blake held me in his arms until I fell asleep. He comforted me and is helping me through m grieving process. I turn over in my bed Blake on the other side of the bed. I crawl over to his side and watch him sleep..its so peaceful watching him sleep..I use to think Moonlight Sonata was my remedy...somehow Blake became my new remedy. I touch him on the face and gently run my hand on his jawline. His skin is so soft and smooth it makes me tickle on the inside I slowly start to move away when I fill to strong arms wrap around my waist. "Nah,not so fast Claire!I got you!" He throws me on the bed and starts to tickle my side. I start to laugh so much it hurts. I start to yell and laugh at him and say,"Stop Blake! It tickles!" I say through panted giggles. When he finally stops I pick up a pillow and hit him in the side with it. He laughs and says,"Good one Claire...smooth move."

       I get up and say,"I'll be back in a minute..I need to do some bathroom stuff." I walk to the restroom and look around. I pull out and extra tooth brush and toothpaste to brush my teeth. As i'm brushing my teeth I start to think about last night and how Blake helped me. I've only known him for one day but my fillings are so strong that I can hardly ignore them any longer. As I sit here and think about it I realize that I have been in here longer than planed,a knock on the door pulls me out of my thoughts,"Claire?Is everything ok?You been in there a while.." I open the door just as he finishes talking. With everything that has happened in the last few days I have realized that my fillings for him are not just lust...or romance of sorts...its love..true love. I'm in love with Blake Reddwen.

     While I work my way back to the bed Blake follows me and sits on the bed. He looks like he wants to ask me something but is to nervous to ask,"Blake are you ok?" He looks at me with puzzlement and pulls me closer to him." I've got you here and that is all that matters...but there is something that I want to ask you...." He trails off and looks nervous about asking the next part,"Would you be my girlfriend?I mean I understand if you don't want to and all..."A big grin shows up on my face and I said,"Shh ...I would love to..I trust you and know that you will be there for me...i've had these fillings about you since last night that I can trust you and...." I couldn't finish my thought. I was so distracted my Blake that it wasn't even funny. "I've had strong fillings since I first saw you yesterday...all I wanted to do was make you happy....I've never wanted to do anything more...." He said in a soft and loving voice. I lay down on the bed and prop my head on my hand and Blake lays on the bed and looks me in the eyes. I cup his cheek in my hand and he puts his hand on my waist..

       Then there is a knock on the bedroom door. I go to open it when Blake stands in front of me and opens it first. As I stand behind him his dad speaks to him and says,"Take Claire dress shopping we are having formal dinner tonight at eight. Get her an appropriate gown for the occasion."  Blake  turns to me and winks,"That can be arranged. We will be back by seven."


     He shuts the door the door and says,"Get dress and be ready in five...we have to get you a dress for tonight."  My stomach gets butterflies about the idea of Blake seeing me in a dress. He senses my discomfort and says,"Whats wrong Claire?" As I am hesitant to answer I finally get up the nerve to say it,"I'm not really that much into dresses...what if it looks bad or something?" He looks at me like that could never happen in his eyes. Which that is ok with me for right now. All that he will be there with me.

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