Moonlight Sonata (Moonlight Series): Book 1

If you lose someone who was the only person who mattered, you're done. But, what if someone you find just by a dream, changed the emotion. How do you think Claire handled her thought of her killing her own mother? How can you react to that? Losing the only the only one who you thought would care for you. Claire finds her other half, Blake, making her heal through her pain of loss.


17. Journey pt 2


    The night I had with Blake was amazing. We kissed and played for what seemed like hours and we talked through our connection. I learned a lot about him.

             Favorite color:Green

             Favorite movie: We are Titans

             Favorite flower: Lillie

             Favorite food: Italian

All these contribute to the kind of person he is...and all of it just made me fall even more in love with him.

    As we ride in the car to our next destination I feel asleep...again...I guess it has to do with staying up late the night before. I dream about Blake and how he is protecting me from Leelan. Leelan begins to reach for me and I scream."Blake please help me.." Blake begins to vanish from my sight and I begin to be beaten by Leelan once more. Then he pins me to the ground and puts his lips to my neck. As tears stream down my face I hear a soft voice in my head that spoke,Claire...wake up...I need you to wake up...please Baby..

I stirred around for a few minutes and then opened my eyes. As I looked around I realized that Blake had stopped the car and was staring at me. I crawled over to his seat,sat in his lap, and began to cry. He rubbed my back with a calm gesture and said,"What happened? I couldn't get you to wake slept the whole way to out next stop and then started crying in your sleep..I had to reaching to your mind to be able to get you to wake up..." I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands and said,"I had a dream about Leelan..he was kissing my neck..."His whole body tensed up and anger flared through his eyes,"I was trying to push him off and he wouldn't move and then you woke me up...It felt so real.." He rubbed my head with a slightly harder grip."I no..It will be ok ...I will figure out what to do..when we get to the meeting tomorrow I will talk to them and see what can possibly be done about him..he will harm you no longer!" He said with a rigid tone to his voice. 

    He went to pick up our with me not trailing to far behind. I stayed behind his back as he picked up our keys for the room. He looked tense the whole time we got ready for bed. I layed down on the bed and waited for him to come and lay by me. He walked right by me and went to the other bed. I looked at him to get some insight as to what was wrong with him ."Claire I'm no good for you...I can't even protect you when you need it most..We will finish this trip and I promise that I won't bother you any longer..." I began to tear up and I ran to his bed.Blake would't even look at me.I put my little hand up to his jawline,"Blake look at me...that night of the dinner I was in came and saved me...on Valentines Day I saw the pain you felt when you thought you had lost me..I came back to make you whole again...and I promise you...that if you leave heart will be broken in two..I'm not the only one that holds your hold mine as well.." I began to tear up and ran to the restroom so he wouldn't see me cry. He didn't need to see the tears of the pain he caused if there was a chance of him leaving me. I lock the door and hear a soft knock," Claire open up...we need to discuss this.."I just can't bare it. I think I might die if he leaves me. I need him. I walk up to the door and unlock it and he burst through the door and cupped my face in his hands.I can feel the need and want in his actions, I can't leave you if I try...If I let you live a normal life I will be lurking in the shadows to protect you..and your family...the thought if you having a family with anyone other than me breaks my and makes me angry at the same time..and I need you to no...that if you chose to live a life without me...I will always protect you..because you are my soul mate and I feel a special connection to you..and you are the only one that I will ever have that connection with, I cried as he kissed me with so much passion that all my emotions and his was pounding on my head. I pulled away from the kiss and Blake looked at me weird,"Claire..whats wrong?You look like you are going to be sick.." I turned around and lifted up the toliet sick and threw up...and just like a repeat of the first time..he pulled back my hair and whispered conforting thoughts into my ear."Just calm had an overload of emotions will pass over." I ignored what he said for the moment and layed my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. It beats the same rhythm as mine. I thought about the decision I had to make and couldn't think of a better person I want to live with. I turned to sit in his lap to face him."I've made my decision Blake." He looked at me disappointing and sad at any moment he could break down in tears. He turned his head from me and I pulled it back cupping his cheeks in my hand."I want you Blake. You make me one of the happiest people in the world...when my mom were there to help have healed my soul to its very core. You have completed me..and I want to spend my life with long as it may be. I want you by my side when I die..I want you there always.You are my one and only.You are the only one that can satisfy me.You are the only one I want to wake up to every morning..You are my heart..and if you aren't here I cant live." I rub his cheeks slowly and he grabs my waist."I want to be with you the rest of my life Claire..and pains me to think of you with anyone belong to me..and since the day I've meet you I've wanted to claim you as my own..." I kiss him so passionate and think,Claim me..right now..i wouldn't like anything more than for other men to no I belong to you..

     he replies with,I can't...not right now anyway...there are certain laws we haft to abid by first....we both haft to be out of school...which is one of those weird ones...and the we haft to have a member of my family testify that we are true soul mates...which wont me that hard..being we can hardly ever be apart..anyone can tell it hurts us both to be apart from each other...which means we can't be intimate...kissing is as far as it can go..and we can't be intimate with others as could end up killing us in the bonding ceremony...we haft to stay pure for each other...we haft to be each others first....he trailed off and I just listened to his soft silky voice as we kissed for the longest time. We sent simple 'I love You' here and there but we were both to involved in the kisses...


     He will be my first..and only...I can sense it...and I no he will protect me from the evil known as Leelan. We have a long road ahead of us and if we make to be old enough to bond...fate only knows.....


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