Moonlight Sonata (Moonlight Series): Book 1

If you lose someone who was the only person who mattered, you're done. But, what if someone you find just by a dream, changed the emotion. How do you think Claire handled her thought of her killing her own mother? How can you react to that? Losing the only the only one who you thought would care for you. Claire finds her other half, Blake, making her heal through her pain of loss.


3. Blake

                     BLAKE'S P.O.V.     

                            My family and I just moved to North Carolina for my fathers new job in 'The Council' but The Council secertes are keep a secrete unless it directly affects our people or you are a member of The Council. My father came home from his meeting the day we arrived and told me that we had to move because The Councial had said that my calling was about to be put into effect in a few weeks.

 I come from a long line of warriors known as Ajaxs' after the ancient Greek warrior. We fought along the side of good with the Greek gods that were fighting for the safety of humans.We are always there to protect, and most of the time we have succeeded. 


                           For now, I have to live the life of a normal teenager. Which means, I go to school, do my homework, and try to fit in with the humans. Which means....I haft to associate with them. Great for me!Not! I no that all the females at this school will swoon over me. I've got the appearance of a Greek god. I work out and I completely stand out appearance wise. My looks alone will put me in a position were I am lifted among the normal human standards, but I can't worry about all this right now I start school tomorrow and I haft to get rested up for that.


                                                  Later That Night....

                           I fall asleep that night faster than I normally do and I dream about a girl who is sad and scared. All I want to do is help her, but as I get closer I can't even get a good, clear image of her face. It is like there is a fog over her face that won't dissipate. As I start to move closer the farther away she gets from me.....Then suddenly I wake up in a cold sweat and i'm shaking all over, but not because I am scared but because the emotions I felt with the girl felt real. Then, I feel the need to help her and to make her happy and protected. I no that I will soon be called to my calling, and I no it involves her. I can just feel it. 



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