acadintal love

Hi I'm , Cassidy. but most people call me Yvonne that's my middle name. I am the shy girl and my parents. are dead I live with my sister little brothers 3 of them and older brother 1 my sisters 4 3 young and 1 older I am weird but this story isn't about me well it is but ugh! the point is that. my worlds all wrong and who I fall for.......... is no better his names Jason McCann. read and you'll probably understand better.


15. the pictures


                                                              me and zipper

                                                       me when I was younger

                                                          my youngest sister

                                                             mom and dad

                                                            bri (my older sister)

                                                        Justin (my older brother)


                                                                all three boys

                                                                all three girls


                                                       grandma and grandpa

                                                          me with......

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