acadintal love

Hi I'm , Cassidy. but most people call me Yvonne that's my middle name. I am the shy girl and my parents. are dead I live with my sister little brothers 3 of them and older brother 1 my sisters 4 3 young and 1 older I am weird but this story isn't about me well it is but ugh! the point is that. my worlds all wrong and who I fall for.......... is no better his names Jason McCann. read and you'll probably understand better.


11. safe

 I got there. the building. I walked in. I saw a bunch of guys guns. and not to mention. the money and weed. yuck! I heard her scream. she called my name. I went to walk up there. but someone stopped me. I looked to find, no. destiny.

 Me: get the hell off me.

 she let go, then the screams stopped. I looked to see. him. he was the one Jason. had called Bieber.  Hannah runs down and to me crying I start singing to her because she's close to a panic attack. I sing my wish by rascal flats. while my arms are wrapped around her. I rub her back. and play with her hair. and hug her as tight as I can. but its not doing the job. so I pick her up. she wraps her arms and legs around me. and soon she is calm. I put her down. she looks at me scared.

 Me: I'm not leaving here without you safe. me I could care less if I live or die. I promised u. remember? go to cam. I love you Hannah.

 Hannah: I love u to, cassie.

 Cameron took her out. and drove home. like I had told him to do. I turned to look at him. Bieber.

 Me: who came up with that idea? to kidnap my little sister.

 Bieber: me. and to your next question. Luke did the kidnaping.

 Me: what did u do to her?

 he smirked. no. he didn't. I pulled my gun. and shot his knee. baster. I ran out. I ran back to the house. I went through the door still running. I ran to Hannah who was laying on the couch. her head on a pillow. I took the pillow and laid her head back, on my lap. she smiled at me. and clenched my arm. I whispered in her ear.

 me: I know what happened sissy. and I am so so sorry. I should have been there sooner. I'm sorry.

 Hannah: will you sing to me?

 me: of course. which song?

 Hannah: all my favorites.

 I smiled and started to sing first. my little girl. then there goes my life. then I am already there. and a bunch more. and last u don't know your beautiful. she fell asleep. I put the pillow back. and took my jacket off. and coverd her in it. I fall to the floor crying. someone wraps me in there arms. I look and see Jason.

 me: get off me. u shouldn't baby your 'toy'. it makes them think you care.

 Jason: I do care though.

 me: no. u don't. cause if u did. u wouldn't have let me go alone. u wouldn't have told tat man. I was just another 'toy'. this is not how u love someone Jason. what I just did. is th perfect definition. I would die. before I would let anyone get away with hurting her. she is the only one that I care that much for. other than.....  

 Jason: who?

 I looked away.

 Me: you.




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