acadintal love

Hi I'm , Cassidy. but most people call me Yvonne that's my middle name. I am the shy girl and my parents. are dead I live with my sister little brothers 3 of them and older brother 1 my sisters 4 3 young and 1 older I am weird but this story isn't about me well it is but ugh! the point is that. my worlds all wrong and who I fall for.......... is no better his names Jason McCann. read and you'll probably understand better.


2. ran away with.....

 We walked to the house. I walked in and went to the living room. I stopped and put Hannah behind me. there stood my brother Justin. and my sister. and 2 other dudes. what the hell?! I dropped my bag.

 Me: bri bri? Jay? what's going on in here?

 Justin: these are some friends of mine.

 Boy: we arnt friends........ but me and that blond girl behind you could be soon.

 Me: over my dead body. actually over yours. you will not touch my sister.

 Boy: says who?

 Person: says me Bieber!

 I turn around and there is Jason. I turn back around. and then Hannah's out my grip. I turn around and see her behind Jason. I am then pulled behind someone else. I look and don't know them.

 Brianna: chas chas? come here.

 Me: No! you didn't say crap! crap! when I was standing up for Hannah! so Hell No!


 Me: ay ass hole! hell mother fucking NO!!!!

 Bieber: Jason! what are you doing here?

 Jason: I came to see Yvonne.

 Justin: well leave!

 Jason: gladly. Ryan. put her in my car. and Hannah in the back. and tell the others we are on our way.

 this dude in front of me turns around. picks me up over his shoulder. and then moments latter I'm in a car. in the passengers side, in front. and then Hannah is in the back. And then Jason is beside me driving. the other dudes nowhere.....where did he go? what just happened? where are we going? why the hell am I not scared? when suddenly.....


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