acadintal love

Hi I'm , Cassidy. but most people call me Yvonne that's my middle name. I am the shy girl and my parents. are dead I live with my sister little brothers 3 of them and older brother 1 my sisters 4 3 young and 1 older I am weird but this story isn't about me well it is but ugh! the point is that. my worlds all wrong and who I fall for.......... is no better his names Jason McCann. read and you'll probably understand better.


10. getting ready

 I went into the house to were my cloth's were, then to the bathroom. I took a shower. to calm down. and then I got out I blow dried my hair. then straightened it, I put it to one side. then I put on my purple lace. Victoria secret. bra and panties. and my purple skinnies. and black crop top. and brown leather jacket. and black surpas. I had on pink natural looking lip stink. black eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. and brown contacts in. I walked down stairs. and everyone watched me. I went in my bag and grabbed the gun my mom, and dad had brought for me before they died. and the pocket knife as well. I put the gun. In my jacket. the back on the inside. and the pocket knife in my bra. Jason was the first to speak.

 Jason: what are you doing? you cant go after them.

 Me: like hell I cant. I promised my sister a very long time ago that I would die before I let someone hurt her. and that if I couldent stop them I would make them pay. and I have never broke that promise I am not about to start now. and besides why do you care? remember? I'm 'just another toy'.

I started to walk out when I looked at Cameron.

 Me: and cam. you are coming because if I need it. your 1. back up and 2. her protector. its your job to make sure she gets out without being hurt further. got it?

 he nodded. and went to his car. everyone stood.

 Man: why's he listening to a girl?

 Me: because that's what love does to you. it makes you so pissed when someone fucks with who you love and so willing to do anything at all even give your life to save them. I looked at Jason while I said this. he looked away. I nodded and went to go save my little sister.

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