secrets i would never tell

"WHY WON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!?!?!?" I screamed running out of my room crying why does my life have to be so hard?!?!? hello there my name is Roxy Jacobs and i'm not just i normal 18 year old i have a secret that no_one knows it might sound crazy but i can see thing people i see dead people... i wish that i couldn't see them but i do and one time i even told someone that i could see them but they thought i'm crazy so after that i learned to keep quite about it until i meet them and everything changed


1. the surprise visit

visions of someone killing him  played in my head over and over again. i looked over to the corner  at the pale teenage boy probably about 16/18 standing there with what looked like blood on his 1900's clothes just staring back at me with no expression not even a frown."may i go to the bathroom"? i ask my math teacher. "hurry up miss Jacobs" my math teacher says as i started to get up from my chair and walked out the class room when i got to the bathroom i started to feel cold. i stared at my self in the mirror and took a deep breath and washed my face with warm water and when i look up and saw the pale teenage boy i just seen in class. i felt  nervously and scared at the same time as i slowly turn rounded looking him in the eyes as he look back at me i blinked a couple of times to see if he will go away but he never did. i started to slowly walk backwards out of the bathroom and when i was out of the bathroom i ran i fast as i could  down the hall but and i when i turned the corner i bumped in to someone. "omg i'm so sorry" the person said handing me their hand. "it's ok it's kinda of my fault to"   i said taking their hand  i looked up and saw a curly haired boy "hi i'm harry"  he said waving "Roxy" i said trying to sound not scared after what i saw him in the bathroom  "well i have to get back to class" i said starting to walk  a little  "ok bye" he said as i  turn around and  started to walk back to class well i had to say he was pretty cute  but that not what i should be worrying about after what just happened in the bathroom just a few minutes ago i was so deep in my thoughts that i didn't even know that i walked into my classroom i slowly walked back to my seat and  sat down and started on my math work waiting for the bell to ring so i could get out of this hell hole of a school and go home and relax but hey who's to say i won't see him at my ho- just then the bell rang and pulled me out of my thought as i heard everyone in my class get up from their seat and rush out the door  which only left me as i slowly got my stuff together and walked out of class i heard someone yell "WATCH OUT"!!!!! but as i looked up i felt something sharp go to my head and everything went black....................


author note

hey guys hope you liked it cause i tried my best the reason why i stopped right here is because idk if people were going to like it or not but plz comment on what you think of it so far and if you want i need someones help with this if you want to help just leave your name (on here) just say you would like to be my co-author you don't have to if u don't want to but thank u for reading dears bye :)  



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