secrets i would never tell

"WHY WON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!?!?!?" I screamed running out of my room crying why does my life have to be so hard?!?!? hello there my name is Roxy Jacobs and i'm not just i normal 18 year old i have a secret that no_one knows it might sound crazy but i can see thing people i see dead people... i wish that i couldn't see them but i do and one time i even told someone that i could see them but they thought i'm crazy so after that i learned to keep quite about it until i meet them and everything changed


4. meeting of an old friend

"well i'm surprised you don't remember me" the person says turning on the lights standing right there was the one and only Logan Henderson "LOGAN?!?!?!?" i said getting up and ran to hug "hey Roxy" he said  after a few seconds i pulled away. oh my i never thought i would see you again after i moved i said smiling.well i guess if you guys were wondering me and Logan used to be best friends since kindergarten back in Australia and i had a huge crush on him  but i never told him and it was sad to leave him without tell him i like him but i just had put up with it.( A/n i no the real Logan Henderson is from Texas but i put Australia in  the story so no hate). so what's my best friend been doing all these years"? Logan asked sitting on the bed i blushed at the sound pretty girl. well other school than nothing really" i said  walking over to the bed and siting down to. "come on a pretty girl like you doing nothing you must of done something fun" i blushed at the sound of pretty girl. "enough about me lets hear about you". i said try to change the subject before it got weird. well i'm in a boy band called bi- before he could finishes talking i heard someone scream his name "LOGAN?!?!? WHERE ARE YOU"???  "i'm up here James" he screamed back like i was saying i'm in a boy band named big time rush". Logan said smiling. just then someone opened the door there you are i been looking every- before he finished he looked at me and smiled "oh hi my names James"."Roxy" i said sticking my hand "what a beautiful name"he said kissing my hand i slightly blushed."um..thank you" i said  "James,don't you have some where you have to be"? Logan said. i could hear the jealous in his voice by i didn't pay any attention to it."well, it was nice to meet you Roxy maybe we could hang out some time"James said "sure" i said "here's my number call me anytime you want"James said with a wink "OK James i think you should go"Logan said pushing James out the door before the door closed James started to say some thing but i didn't get to hear that James apart of your boy band"? i asked sitting on the bed. "yep he 's the flirt of the group"Logan said "well i have to go" i said "it was nice meeting you again". "you too" he said "here's my number if you need something or someone to talk to just call" "thanks"i said grabbing the piece of paper from his hand and walking out the door the things i'm going through with the visions i might be making this call very soon...................................................


A/n: hey guys i just updated couldn't update cause i just got in to middle school and have a lot of home work so i decide to update only on Wednesdays:)     

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