secrets i would never tell

"WHY WON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!?!?!?" I screamed running out of my room crying why does my life have to be so hard?!?!? hello there my name is Roxy Jacobs and i'm not just i normal 18 year old i have a secret that no_one knows it might sound crazy but i can see thing people i see dead people... i wish that i couldn't see them but i do and one time i even told someone that i could see them but they thought i'm crazy so after that i learned to keep quite about it until i meet them and everything changed


3. A/n


Sorry I haven't updated it in like a coulpe of days well that's because my dad and grand, a are really sick and I have being taking care of them I promise to update as soon as I can and the next chapter will be more surprises and drama and I'm adding big time rush in the story well ttyl8r bye:)

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