a bet that change my life(harry styles fanfiction)

in this story harry styles is not famous well not in the first chapters, he is the most popular kid in his school but under all that bad boy look is a heart a heart that only melissa could have but would harry tell her his feelings or would he hurt her ??


1. where all begins

melissa p.o.v 

my best friend alice told me about this party this Saturday i dire't really wanted to go but i cant resist her puppy eyes they are the cutest anyways today was saturday,yesterday me and alice went to the mall so we could buy our outfit.the party starts in about three hours and me and alice were geting ready.alice brought a short, thigt light blue dress that made her curve show.i was jealous of her perfect body,she look like a victoria secret model,also she hade blonde hair and her eyes change color deppends on her emotions and that is even cooler,all the boys in school would kill to be with her but she dirent like those types of boys which surprice me,she liked shy,quite boys.i brought a light pink dress that ended on top of my knee,it was a little tight but nothing compare to alice's dress.i hade long dutty blonde hair,green/blue eyes and i was more like a nerd i dont know why alice hang up with me she could be popular but she prefers hanging up with me for some reason.

***3 hours later(at the party)***

right now we where in front of the house were the party would be at and from outside i could smell the alcohol.alice and me got out of the car and went to the front door and opened.when we open the door alice disapier and all i couls see is people making out everywhere you can imagine or dancing and others just driking and talking,the music was really loud so i could'nt hear anything.i went to the kitchen to go get a drink when i saw my other best friend samantha or sam.she was talking with my other friend jennifer or jenny.i went where they were and stared talking to them.then i saw sam look behind me so i turn around and saw harry styles and his friends they were the trouble makers of the school.they were walking towards us.when they were in front of us sam and niall horan stared kissing.niall was the most nice of all of them also louis tomlinson but zayn malik,liam payne and harry styles were the devil they would bully anyone in front of them,they could come late and the teachers would'nt say anything because they were scare of them.my thinking was interrupted when someone put their hands on my back and when i look up i saw harry styles.i cant lied he was really hot,i love his eyes and he hair is just perfect but i cant fall in love with him bcause he will brake my heart,but i fall in love fast an hard that why am always broken.harry kept staring straigh to my eyes .is this the beginning of something?

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