a bet that change my life(harry styles fanfiction)

in this story harry styles is not famous well not in the first chapters, he is the most popular kid in his school but under all that bad boy look is a heart a heart that only melissa could have but would harry tell her his feelings or would he hurt her ??



 author note 


In this story harry is a bad guy but that doesn't mean he is one in real life. I just want to tell you before you get mad at me. all in this story is fake,plz comment what you think of this and other chapters it really means a lot to me. I know I havn't updated in a long time but my teachers don't stop giving me homework and I have no time to write but I promise that I will update 2 or 3 times per week but I want to see you guys like and favorting(if thats even a word) to show me that you care.Love you guys, hope you like this chapter and sorry for writing this LONG authors note.

melissa p.o.v

I cant belive am doing this but is the only way i would protect my friends,they are like my family,without them am lost in this cruel world.If you  havn't notice harry styles is my bully since freshman year.Before high school we were best friends,together forever, our moms were like sisters but in 8 grade,harry stared hanging with four other boys. Liam,Zayn,Luis,and Niall. they scared people by just walking in front of them,harry stared changing little by little until he was one of them,i beg him to stay with our friends but he didn't 


harry can we talk 

yeah sure what do you need love 

harry plz stay out of their gang its going to get you to trouble i prefer marcel (harrys middle name in this story is marcel)not harry, i prefer the innocent one,the one who follows the rules,i want my marcel back,plz harry 

why cant u understand am not supoust to be a nerd,i was born to be popular i was born to be famous i wasn't born to be moms good boy, and i cant be friend with you any more


cuz u are a nerd cant you understand if i hang with u that makes me less popular and anyways am supost to hang with hot girls no offence 

ugh harry i dont even know you anymore

good that just what i want bye love 

and he just walk away giving me that stupid smirk 

*********end of flashback**********

harrys p.o.v

Okay only five more hours till melissa comes. I cant wait to treat her like a slave,that little rat would do anything for her friends. I remember when we were best friends it was fun but I didnt have a choice, i had to bully her, at first i felt gulty that I was causing her so much pain but now I care less what she thinks or feels. I would do anything to be popular and have a bunsh of hot girls. I  have to thank the lads they were the reason  am so popular today. In middle school I was what u call a nerd, a goody-goody, but I got tired of being the punch bag to the popular kids, I got tired of being push around,make fun of, I was tired of all of it so I ask zayn, the leader of the group or gang to make me one of them his first answer of coarse was no but I kept asking until he said yes and now am one of the most popular kids in this school......wait did i say one of the most popular kids I meant the most popular kid in this school, not even zayn and the others lads are as popular as me. so back to the melissa thing .

she will be here soon and I will make sure to make her have the worst month of her life ;)


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