~Justin Bieber Fan Fiction~
Maple thought everything was just amazing in Junior High, but when she got to High School, it ended up being a living hell. It's now her last year of High school. She's 18 now and a senior at Hollywood High School, which is located in L.A. (Yes that's a real place) It's always constant battle for her at school. She comes across a couple people who she never thought would be a part of her life.


2. Your kidding right?

Maple's POV: 



It was just an ordinary school day for me. Get up, get ready, try and eat something, then go to school and get bullied by the plastics. I never told my parents what happened in school, they always assumed I was doing great, when really it felt like it was falling apart. I think the only thing great in my life right now is my best friend Maria and meeting Nick. Other than that it's been real shitty. My parents are always loving and caring for me, they spoil me a lot, but I didn't care for things they bought me I just wanted to be happy. I was however glad to get a new car so I can drive to school everyday. My parents trusted me a lot. I never went behind there back and never did bad in school and never got in trouble. So they give me a lot of leeway. I do have an older brother but he no longer lives with us because he's in college now. He's like my favorite person ever. I miss him so much!

Monday mornings are always slow for me, especially first period. I have Spanish 4 first period, Art second period, Math third period, English fourth period, then it's lunch, then I have History sixth, and lastly Science seventh period. There all easy for me, which is good for my senior year of high school. I had class with Nick in Math, English, and Science. It made me so happy because then I get to talk to him more to get to know him better. I do have a class with the little shit aka Justin. He is always annoying me in class. I have English and History with him this year. Luckily since Nick is in English class with his brother he tells him to leave me alone or to shut the fuck up. 

After art class I went to my locker to get my math book. Of course as I'm getting it out the stupid bitch herself pushes me into my locker. 

"Hey troll." She says laughing then walking away with her clique of friends. Fuck her. I see her meet up with Justin at his locker and start a total make out session, touching each other and shit. Like ewww; nasty skank. I hate having a locker near them, that's all I see now. I can't believe I liked Justin once, like what was wrong with me? Was I high? She looks at me and whispers something in Justin ear. They both laugh and look at me. Brittney did most of the laughing. I roll my eyes and just walk away. Whatever hoe. It's funny because Brittney knew how I use to like him in junior high, but that ships sailed. I needed to get to class anyways; I don't have time of their stupid shit. As I'm walking to class I run into Nick on the way there. His smile is just so amazing. 

"Hey there." He says smiling. 

"Hey nick." I smile back shyly. 

"Ready for some good old Calculus?" He asked jokingly.

"Yeah, no." I said laughing. We walk inside the class together and take a seats in our stupid assigned seats. I hate when teachers do that. We go over our homework from yesterday. We get our new assignment then have to get into groups. I really don't see the point in getting into groups, it doesn't really help. But I guess teachers have there reasons. Every once in a while I would look up to see Nick starring at me and giggle. He would make funny face at me or joke about the people next to him in his group. I would cover my mouth and try not to giggle to much. People in my group would look up at me like what the fuck is wrong with her? If I could I would say what the fuck you looking at? Haha! Class drags on slowly, but Nick always seems to make it better and shorter. The bell rings for class to be dismissed. Thank goodness! I grab all my stuff and hurry out of class. 

"Did I entertain you this time?" Nick asked laughing. 

"Actually yes you did. It made it ten times better!" I said smiling laughing. 

"We would have more fun if we were in the same group." He said. 

"I totally agree with you." I said. We walked to Nick's locker first to drop off his book then my locker next. We have a five minute passing period before we have to get to our next class. We both had English now.Oh joy literature... not, and Justin is in that class. Even worse. Me and Nick walk to English and make it in enough time. I guess Mrs. Wilson had all of us standing up because we were getting new seats again. Great. Now I'll be moved probably away from Nick. I saw Justin just starring at me, I glared at him and turned to look at Nick. The bell rang, which meant class started.  

"Okay class listen up for your name. Only going to say this once." Mrs. Wilson shouted over the loud high school students. She started naming off names pointing to the desk in which we were assigned to. I waited for my name to be called. She called my name finally. I was second to last seat in the back. Nick wasn't in my row sadly. I was hoping that Nick would be in the row next to me but he wasn't. Instead I was sitting close to flipping Justin. His seat was in the back of the row beside me. He smirked at me as he walked down the isle to his seat. The next row Nick was in he was like the fourth person in that row. It wasn't that far but I was closer to Justin, then I have ever been since the last time I talked to him. He disgust me. 

"Ok this will be your new seats for a while class. We will be starting a new project today." Mrs. Wilson said. Everyone groaned. "Oh be quiet you guys. You get partners in the assignment, unless you want to do this separately?" She asked. Everyone was saying "no, no, partners are better and what not." Of course everyone who doesn't do the work try's to pick the smartest kid in class so they don't have to do anything. Nick turned around and mouthed I was going to be his partner. I smiled and mouthed back ok. Then Mrs. Wilson interrupted everyone's conversation. "But the only thing is I will be picking your partners." She said. Everyone groaned again, I even groaned at the fact I wasn't going to be Nick's partner maybe. He turned around and frowned. Man this will suck. I don't want to get paired with some stupid ass. "And I have everyone's partners picked out already. I'll just hand out the papers for your project then I'll let you guys know who your partners will be." She said. I barely now half of the kids in here! She passed the papers out to everyone, then started to name off people's partners. Nick ended up getting paired with dumb ass blond Maddie. She really isn't very smart, I don't even know how she made it this far. I was like the  second to last person to be partnered apparently. "Maple and Justin you'll be partners." She said. Are you fucking kidding me right now?!

"What!" I said a little to loud. I hear Justin chuckle in the back. I turn around and give him the death stare. I raise my hand. 

"Yes maple?" Mrs. Wilson asked.

"I can't be paired with Justin." I said.

"And why is that?" She asked. 

"He won't do anything, and I don't want to fail because of him." I said blankly. 

"Well that's too bad Maple because Justin has no choice to do this project or he will fail this class. Right Justin?" She said looking at Justin. Are you kidding?! Ughh! Fuck my life! I sigh in defeat. I knew I wasn't going to win this. Nick mouthed I'm sorry from across the room. I was going to hate this so much. 

"Yes Mrs. Wilson." He said smirking. 

"Great! Well know you guys can partner up and start planning for your project." She said before letting us go. In all honesty I just wanted to sit there all period and not talk to Justin. I didn't feel like getting up. Everyone moved to where their partners were. I just sat there upset about this. 

"Yo maple you coming over here or not?" He asked. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. I got up and picked up my backpack and dropped it next to the desk I was sitting at and crossed my arms. "So you going to move closer or be like that the whole period?" He asked. I can't do this. I get up and walk up to Mrs. Wilson. 

"Mrs. Wilson can you please change my partner, please?! I can't stand him." I said. 

"Sorry Maple but that wouldn't be fair to the other students. You'll just have to suck it up and deal with it ok?" She said to me. Ughhhh.

"Fine." I said exasperated. I walk back to where Justin is. He has a smirk the size of Texas. Wipe that stupid expression of your face Bieber... He had already moved my stuff close to him. Just great... 

"Well it looks like I'm going to be your partner for good huh?" He said. 

"Yeah. Sucks to be me." I tell him. 

"Don't need to be negative Nancy." He said. I scowl at him. "So what do you want to do for this project? Poster? PowerPoint?" He asked.

"First of all not doing a poster so PowerPoint. And second of all if you bother the fuck out of me I will do everything in my power to make sure you fail this project. Got it?" I said to him irritated with everything. I made sure my arms were crossed the whole time. I had to make sure no one saw my cuts on my wrist and think I'm a freak. Oh wait people already think that... 

"Ok Maple. Cool your jets. PowerPoint it is then." He said smirking. "So when do you want to get started on this? After school or something? I have football practice after school though, but I wouldn't mind skipping it." He said. 

"Justin skip football practice for school?! That's a first." I said sarcastically.

"Haha very funny, but seriously?" He asked.

"I have swim practice after school, if you didn't already now already. So definitely not after school. It'll have to take place at someone's house." I said. 

"I didn't know that at all. And we can work on at it my house." He said. 

"Well now you know. And ok, my house works too." I say sighing. I hated this. 

"Ok cool. Wanna exchange numbers? So you know we contact each other when we can work on it." He said. 

"Ugh fine... Give me a pen and paper." I said. 

"Here just put it into my phone." He says handing me his phone. 

"I could just communicate to you through Nick." I said. 

"Yeah well I don't want to have to do that." He said glaring at his brother.

"Ok then." I type in my number for him then hand it back to him. "Now don't talk to me unless it involves the school project, got it?" I said. 

"Yeah, yeah sure." He said waving it off. The bell then rings for dismal. Finally lunch! I pick up my bag and quickly walk out of that class. Nick stops me to talk to me.

"Sorry you had to be paired up with my brother." He said. 

"It's ok Nick not your fault." I said smiling. 

"Ok then I'll see you later then." He smiles then waves goodbye. Now I can go meet up with my friend Maria! As I walk to lunch I see Justin sucking face with Brittney. Pathetic and gross. I can't believe I'm partners with him for that stupid project. Whatever. I walk to meet my friend Maria. 

"Maria!" I squealed. 

"Maple!" She squealed in delight too. It's always great to see my best friend when I've had a bad day.







Hope you guys like it(;

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