~Justin Bieber Fan Fiction~
Maple thought everything was just amazing in Junior High, but when she got to High School, it ended up being a living hell. It's now her last year of High school. She's 18 now and a senior at Hollywood High School, which is located in L.A. (Yes that's a real place) It's always constant battle for her at school. She comes across a couple people who she never thought would be a part of her life.


4. Game on

Justin's POV:



Thank goodness it's my last year of high school because honestly I want to get out of here. Just like everyone else that's a senior this year. At least I have  things to keep me entertained. I got this hot girlfriend named Brittney. She's the hottest girl out of the school, but damn she can be so fucking annoying. Sometimes she's all clingy and wanting my dick like its fucking candy. I thought about dumping her because I was getting bored of her and she was just annoying. I just don't know who would be my next meet and fuck girl. Most of the girls that are pretty here I've been with them and all that already. In case you didn't know I was the captain of the football team, I had to keep my status in high school to be cool. I never really did my homework in class, but I always aced my test. It's funny because people don't realize how smart I am. I just hide it because no one would like the real me. It's all part of a show. That's the only way to fit in now a days. It may seem kind of difficult but after a couple years of it, you get used to it. I moved here in junior high. I originally came from Canada with my older brother, Nick and my little sister and brother, Jazzy and Jaxon. My brother Nick were about the same age. We both had the same mom but different dads. He was more layed back kind of guy who didn't care about what people had to say. He was more of the intelligent one. He started talking about this one girl all the time now. I so happen to know her, because I liked her in junior high. Her name was Maple. When I moved here we didn't know much people, I was a little too shy to talk to her. After a while I got to busy and never had the time to go up and talk to her with me getting promoted and moving up the charts in music. I gave up eventually. It's funny because I ended up dating her best friend Maria freshman year. I would tease her and annoy her. She would get all annoyed and upset it was kind of hot. I think I just annoyed her so much to the point where she hates me now. I like to bug her, because it was always fun to me. It was like a game to me. Me and Maria ended up breaking up halfway through freshman year because of Maple. It's a long story that I'll tell you later. I never talked to Maple ever or Maria again. I would see them from time to time in the halls but not that much.

Now I have a couple classes with her this year. I feel bad sometimes for her because Brittney is always telling me shit about her, or how they beat the shit out of her. Sometimes I would get pissed off at the stuff she tells me and just leave. But I had to act like it didn't bother me because honestly Maple wasn't the coolest girl in school. Sounds pretty fucked up huh? Well I didn't want to loose my reputation. Besides I was labeled a player. And I all I wanted was a little action. Even with my relationship with Brittney I still snuck around her and fucked other girls and had other relationships while I'm dating Brittney. I didn't care, of course I had to break the bad news I didn't like them. But I wasn't the lovey dovey person.

I always see her talking to my brother now. I always over hear him talking to my mom about Maple all the time. It got annoying sometimes. He probably made that shit up and only wanted to fuck her. But it's always been a game with my brother in everything. It wasn't like he was any better, because we both went to party's and got crazy. We both would go for girls and dump them later.  It was just our thing, but it got boring and I wanted to do something different and fun. 

Maple was different from all the other girls. She seemed so innocent but had a little of an attitude with me. It was funny because today Mrs. Wilson assigned us partners for this big project we have to do. I so happened to be partner with her. She wasn't so happy and kept asking to change partners but Mrs. Wilson didn't let her. She was all pouting and upset. It was kind of hot. You could tell she was annoyed by me. The fact she didn't want to do this project with me kind of confused me. Only because girls would be dying to do a project with me. But then again it's Maple. I'm not use to girls turning me down. There usually drooling over me.

 I remember she did the same thing freshman year to me.  I asked if she wanted to do the project after school and that I didn't mind skipping football for her.  She seemed a little shocked but I could tell she was being sarcastic. Every part of me wanted to slap her on the side of the head, because of that little sassy mouth of hers. I ended up finding out that she swim's for the school which I had no clue till today. I also got her number so I could contact her. Another plus for me. Maybe I could get closer to fucking her. She could be my new little fling. I like the sound of that. 

She told me not to text or call her unless it involved school. Pssh like I'm going to listen to that. I know how bad she wanted to be partners with my brother but that wasn't going to happen. The bell rang and she hurried up out of there. She really hated me she didn't even like being near me. It surprise me every time.

As soon as I got out of my class I  walked to my locker.  I saw Brittney leaning up against my locker like usual.  She did look a little hot leaned up against my locker but I know her. She'll just start talking up a storm to the point it would annoy me.  

"Hey babe" She said seductively now inches away from my face. 

"Hey Brittney." I said a little annoyed. 

"What's wrong baby?" She asked then inched her hand down slowly to my junk. She's always doing this to me. I pull her hand up and push her to the side.

"Nothing, can you leave me alone now?" I said to her trying to open my locker to put away my books.

"Is that how your just going to act to me?" She scoffed. 

"Yeah. Now go away." I said blankly not paying attention to her. 

"Whatever Bieber. I'll see you later babe." She said pissed, then walked off with clique of friends. Thank god you finally leaving, When will you ever shut the fuck up. Definitely not spending time with her tonight. I think I might just have to break this shit up. She so fucking clingy. 

I closed my locker and decide to go to get something to eat off campus today. I met up with Chaz and Ryan. 

"Hey guys." I said. 

"What up bro?" Ryan said first. 

"Nothing just annoyed with Brittney." I said as we walked to my car. 

"Dump her bro." Chaz told me. 

"I think I might just have to." I said. "So where do you guys want to go?" I asked. 

"Any where I'm just starving!" Ryan said. 

"Yeah me too." Chaz said. 

"I'll just pick some random place." I said. They nodded in agreement. The rest of the car ride was interesting. We talked about how annoying Brittney and her little friends are. Of course Chaz would talk about wanting to fuck all of them. Typical Chaz. I pulled up to some small restaurant. We got burgers and fries. It was the die for, and filled you fast. We ate fast and started heading back to the school. Man there was so much fucking traffic. Since the traffic was taking forever I started to tell the guys about Maple. They sort of knew about her already, but I never really talked about her. 

"Is it just another one of those girls, meet and fuck?" Ryan asked. 

"Yeah. I needed another little toy." I said chuckling. 

"Then what's the problem here?" Chaz asked. 

"First of Chaz she hates my guts." I said irritated. "And second of all she hates my guts" I said again blankly.

"Well then your fucked." Chaz said back to me.

Yeah I kind of figured that...  We pull up to this light, it felt like it was taking forever. There was so much traffic crossing up ahead. We pulled up next to this car that had there music blasting loud and windows rolled down. I noticed it was Maria and Maple. It was funny because they were singing to one of my old songs "Runaway Love." Especially Maple, which is a shocker to me. She hates everything about me, or so I thought. I nudge Chaz and Ryan. They began to laugh. I roll down my window and just admire Maple singing. Maybe I'll just have to charm her to get her to like me again. Then I can get into her pants. 

"That was some lovely singing right there. I love that song, it's my favorite." I said smiling and laughing. Her mouth dropped, and her face turned into almost a bright tomato. I could hear her yelling at Maria to go because the light turned green finally. They rolled up the windows, they were tinted a little so you couldn't see much. Chaz, Ryan and me couldn't stop laughing. I could tell she was really embarrassed and probably upset.

"So isn't that the girl?" Ryan said in between laughs.

"Yeah it is." I said not able to control my laughs. 


We drove back to the school grounds and parked my fancy new Audi R8. Girls drooled over my new car and looks. Guys where jealous of everything I had wishing they could be like me. I laugh at the thought. They wish. 

I had History with Ryan and Chaz. I dreaded History. Like who the fuck cares. When will we ever need to use this shit? Seriously... I had Mr. Pierce for History and he was as boring as a chalkboard. But then again I don't ever pay attention in that class. I'm always clowning around. I also have class with Maple.

She'll probably will be so embarrassed when we walk in there. Me, Chaz and Ryan walk into History right before the bell rings. 

"So nice of you to join us this afternoon gentlemen." Mr. Pierce sneered. We ignore him as usual and walk to find our seats. I see Maple and we make contact she turns red in the face. I snicker. She looks down, and pretends to write something.

We usually sit in the back. Mr. Pierce didn't give us assigned seats but people just learn to stay away from those seats because they were afraid of being humiliated or being kicked out of there seats. Maple was in the back which is unusual. I look up at the front and see some kid sitting in her usual spot. I smirk and sit down. She sits two desk away from my right in the far back. Maybe I'll have a little fun with this. 

I remembered how she put her number in my phone. I pull out my phone and try and to hide it under my desk. I look over and see Brienna on her phone. Oh so the little innocent girl is on her phone during class. Maybe she isn't as innocent as I thought she is. I look through my contacts and come across maple's contact. I began to type up a message. 


From Justin: 



Only minutes later I see her look up and look to her left and glare at me. I smirk at her. She shoves her phone in between her legs and try's to pay attention. So she is ignoring me. Will see about that. 

From Justin:

Hey there babe(; don't ignore me


She stops abruptly and looks down pulling out her phone and looking at the message. She glares at me again and begins to type something. Seconds later I get a text from her. 


From Maple: 

Leave me alone and don't call me babe. I told you not to text me unless it related to school. 


I smile and look at her only to see her attention is now focused up front. 


From Justin: 

This is school related though. And why not babe?(; 


She looked down at her phone again and began to text. 


From Maple: 

Pretty sure it isn't. Your going to get me in fucking trouble. And seriously stop with that. 


I snicker to myself. And type up a reply. 


From Justin: 

You don't know(; and says the one who was texting earlier, babe. 


I kept saying babe because I knew how much it annoyed her. I was getting under her skin. She would give me death look. If looks could kill. 


From Maple:

Shut the fuck up Bieber. 


I get read the text and scoff at her reply. I place my hand over my heart and fake a frown to her like her words wounded me. She rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest. 


From Justin:

Ouch that hurt. Btw nice singing today(;


I look over and see her look down at her phone then blush. I snicker. 


From Maple: 

Leave me alone. 


I looked at the text. She was so pissed off at me. It was fun, the game I played with her. 


From Justin:

I'm afraid that won't happen. 


I snorted. Apparently to loud because it got Mr. Pierce's attention. He saw the phone in my hand under the desk. Great... I was going to get in trouble for texting her. 

 "Mr. Bieber is my lesson far to boring for you?" He asked upset. 

"Yeah maybe you should spruce it up a bit. So people weren't drooling and sleeping." I said to him. The class begins to laugh at my comment. Mr. Pierce gets more pissed. 

"Well you can enjoy thirty minutes of detention then. Especially for having your phone out during class." He said with smirk on his face. Oh how much I wanted to punch him to wipe that smirk off his face. I look over at Maple who's head is down trying to tuck her phone away. Oh no your not getting out of this that easily. 

"Fucking stupid." I murmured under my breath.

"What was that Mr. Bieber?" He asked smugly.

"What about Maple?" I asked. Her head popped up and looked at me glaring. I smirked. 

"What about Maple?" He asked. 

"She goes on her phone and you punish me?" I said hissing through my mouth. 

"Well now she can join you Mr. Bieber. Happy now?" He said. 

"Pleased." I said annoyed by him. I looked over and saw Maple pissed off at me. I chuckle a little at the fact of seeing her pissed off. Now we were both going to probably miss practice today. I look to my left to see Chaz and Ryan laughing. I look at them and smirk. 

"Dude she's so pissed." Chaz said. 

"No kidding." I said. 

"Have fun in detention buddy." Ryan snickered at me. 

"Mr. Bieber would you keep it down or I'll give you a longer time in detention along with your friends." Mr. Pierce said. I hear snicker come from right and see Maple with a smug look on her face. Oh she thinks this is so funny. I wanted to slap her to with that stupid look on her face.

I roll my eyes. "Shut the fuck up old man." I mumble under my breath so only Ryan and Chaz could hear. They snicker. I just want this class to end already. At least I will be spending thirty minutes with grumpy pants over there. That should be fun. I looked over at her and smirk. I liked this game...

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