Don't leave me:(

Emily and Harry were dating for a month and Harry decides to do something that makes Emily so sad. The thought of Harry might dieing in sad...Read the story to find out what he does!


6. 6

Hey guys just wanted to give a shoutout to Rasberrylove08! :) Oh and sorry for not updating my story's,I have been to lazy to but now I am! :D Hope you enjoy and tell me if you want a shoutout! Tell me in the comments below:)

Emily P.O.V:


I was sitting on the couch eating some strawberries.My stomach was hurting and I felt like throwing up so I put the strawberries away and laid on the couch for a nap.

I was standing by the TV,looking at the news and saw Harry fighting and shooting.He looked good until a person took there aim and shot him! I fell to my knees and sobbed and wailed! I did not know what to do or say! My heart stopped and I felt a push in my stomach! I was having the baby!

I woke up breathing heavily and coughing with tears.I looked around and tried to control my breathing.I sat up and turned the TV on to the news to make sure Hazza was okay.

Louis P.O.V:

I was in my room until I heard the TV down stairs! I walked down and saw Eleanor in the kitchen and Emily watching TV.I sat next to Emily and watched the TV with her and I guess she was watching the news because Harry was on the screen.I rubbed her back because I knew how much pain she was feeling.I looked up at Eleanor and walked to her to see her making tea.

Harry P.O.V:

I looked at Niall who was sitting next to my bed.He was my best friend! We were making plans for when we are done and we can get out!

"I think you should meet Emily!"I said,sighing after I said her name.

"Sure,I would love too"!

We stopped talking and went to sleep.

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