Don't leave me:(

Emily and Harry were dating for a month and Harry decides to do something that makes Emily so sad. The thought of Harry might dieing in sad...Read the story to find out what he does!

5. 5


Louis P.O.V:

I was in the kitchen making some cereal for me and all I could stare at was Emily.She did not get off that couch at all since Harry left!I needed to talk to her and see what was on her mind.

"Emily,can I talk to you?"I asked as I held my cereal and walked to the couch.

She nodded and stared at me."Why are you not getting off this couch?"

She chuckled,"I don't feel like it ri-,"She stopped and ran to the bathroom.

I followed her and when I caught up to her I saw her puke in the toilet!

"Emily,are you okay?!"

She nodded and wiped her face off.I followed her as she went to the kitchen to get some Dr.Pepper.I watched as she walked slowly to the couch where I was.

"I think you need a shower!"I said and patted her shoulder.

She nodded and walked to the bathroom once again.

Emily P.O.V:

I walked in the bathroom and stripped down.I turned on the water and made more warmer than usual and hopped in.I saw all the shampoo and conditioner bottles that were for Louis!There were 4 shampoo bottles and 5 conditioner! I grabbed the vanilla scent shampoo that Eleanor uses to make her hair silky and blabbed it on my head.Than I grabbed the conditioner and mixed it in my hair.I felt the water go down my back and the soap cleaning my body.I still felt sick though! I have been puking lately and wanting to eat everything! Also I am getting fat,probably from eating to much though or maybe a baby! No me and Harry only did that like a couple times and I can't have a baby can I?

Harry P.O.V:

I stood in my position in my line and held my gun up high.We were doing a drill for tonight.At night we were going to do a fight! Life or death! I was scared but I knew that I could do it,I have my pin!


It is now night and I am blocked behind a rock trying to protect myself.I looked at Niall and he looked back and he had frightful eyes.I gave him a its okay look and he nodded.We looked back and I began to aim and shoot.I actually got some people and it was a success!I think I will do great on this after all!

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