Don't leave me:(

Emily and Harry were dating for a month and Harry decides to do something that makes Emily so sad. The thought of Harry might dieing in sad...Read the story to find out what he does!


2. 2

Louis P.O.V:

I was really sorry for Emily because I know how much she loves Harry and I was really sad to! I knew him since we were kids and now I might see him die or here about it! I don't know anymore,I hope he will survive.

"Hey you guys can stay for the night if you want,if thats okay with you."Eleanor said,rubbing Harry's shoulder to comfort him.

He nodded and went in my room.I guess he is going to sleep with me.Emily giggled and went in Eleanor's room to sleep with her.It was 12:00 anyways.

I walked in my room and saw Harry wearing my Comando! At least I have 3 more in my closet.I put one on and laid down in my bed,watching t.v with Harry.

Eleanor P.O.V:

Me and Emily were sleeping together and when I walked in I saw her wearing one of Louis' big shirts that he must of left in my room. I rolled my eyes and got changed for bed and turned on the t.v.

I know Emily loves scary movies so I turned on the movie Hansel and Gretel,the new one they made in 2013 about the lady cooking all the people and eating them and making pies out of there human flesh. I do not know why Emily likes scary movies!

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