Don't leave me:(

Emily and Harry were dating for a month and Harry decides to do something that makes Emily so sad. The thought of Harry might dieing in sad...Read the story to find out what he does!


1. 1

Emily P.O.V:

"You are so nice!"I to Harry when he gave me some flowers and chocolates.

He does not really do this unless he is going to tell me something serious that is going to make me upset.

"I have news,"He said while looking in my eyes as we sat down."I am not going to see you for a long time."He looked down and started to tear up.


"I am going to join the army."

I sat there looking down and didn't say anything or do anything unless trying to hold tears in counts.I guess I failed because I started to baul my eyes out.

"It's okay Emily,I promise you I will not die I will try to survive."

I nodded and hugged him.

"So when are you leaving?"I asked.

"Tomorrow,"He said looking down and crying even more.

I breathed in deeply and nodded and went to Louis' house and Harry came along also.

"I am sorry,"Louis said right when Eleanor greeted us in.

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