Soulless (Pompeii)


Katie's beloved town has been acting strange lately. Crime rates are on the rise and violence is all too common now. It's up to her and her friend Darren to find the source of the sudden change and try to stop it. Can they do it? Or will they fail and loose their city to the Soulless?

This is my interpretation of Pompeii by Bastille


3. Soulless Katie

     I was back in that place: all alone. There, I could be sad, not do anything about it and it was okay. Looking back, my failure seemed inevitable from the beginning. I never really stood a chance.

     I felt strong arms close around me and relaxed into them. Warm hands hugged me from behind and I felt someone’s breath on the back of my neck. Breathing deeply, I opened my eyes slightly.

     The person behind me had put a small box in my hands.

     “You’ll need this,” Miko whispered, placing a light kiss behind my ear. He let me go and took a quick step backwards.

     “Don’t be late,” he teased.

     I heard a door close and I knew I was alone. Turning around, I gently lifted the lid of the gray case. Inside was the ring I was expected to wear for the occasion. Delicate white diamonds were arranged in a circle around the top and in the center lay a larger black stone.

     I slid the ring onto my finger and turned back towards the mirror. My gaze fell to the sparkling shoes on my feet, then the white lace hem of my long gown. I followed the ruffles up to the tight bodice of the dress where there were more tiny jewels arranged in intricate designs. There was no necklace around my neck so my sight went straight to the bright red of my lips and the pink in my cheeks. Lastly, my eyes connected with the ones of my reflection; nothing but blackness.

     You could not see joy in them. There would never again be the reflection of happiness or life. Slowly, I reached back and pulled the delicate material over my face, covering my eyes. In the mirror, the veil made the darkness seem less harsh. I seemed somewhat human.

     The corners of my lips curved into a deadly smile as I turned around and headed out the door.



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