Abused Then Adopted (May Edit/On Hold)

Katheryn, Age 5 gets abused. she gets abused by her father. Her mother was killed in a car crash coming home from work one night and the dad cant get over it and blames it on Katheryn.

What happens when the 5 year old runs away? will she get found?
Read and Find out!!


9. The Suprise!

Katheryn's P.O.V

Perrie and the girls wanted me to stay in my room... I wonder why? When they left I heard the open of the door and all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice. Actually I heard 6 familiar voices. 5 of them sounded like the boys of One Direction. WAIT!? ONE DIRECTION!?? I am excited!! I couldn't make out the other voice but it sounded very, very familiar!


Cody's P.O.V

WOW! This place was huge!! I am so happy!

On the way here Harry said he was my new father since it was his idea to adopt. The other boys are my uncles and Little Mix... OMG! LITTLE MIX! lol Little Mix are my aunts. Wait... Didn't Katheryn get adopted by them?? Where is she? Does she know? Does she know I am adopted by One Direction?!

"Hello whats your name?" Perrie said as she walked up to me. "Cody" I smiled and she said that she has a surprise upstairs for me. What could it be... ? Well the boys except Louis were confused and the girls had a smile on their faces. The girls brought me upstairs and they blindfolded me. They guided me up the stairs and into a room. When I walked in before I took the blind fold off I heard "COOKIES!!" I quickly turned it off and saw Katheryn Standing right in frnt of me. I hugged her and she got teary eyed. OH NO! Don't cry Kitty!! You know when you cry I cry... sometimes... Anyways... "Who adopted you Cody?" Katheryn said letting go of the hug while looking up at me... as I am way taller then her. "One Direction" I said with a huge smile. She just stared at me and then.. the boys walked in and Niall said "It's true!" Katheryn looked at me then the boys and so on. She did that for about 10mins and then said "wow!" That's was all she said but she hugged me and then Perrie and the others left to give us time to talk and stuff.

This was soo cool!!!! Now Katheryn really is my sister... I think. But now we can stay together forever!!!







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