Abused Then Adopted (May Edit/On Hold)

Katheryn, Age 5 gets abused. she gets abused by her father. Her mother was killed in a car crash coming home from work one night and the dad cant get over it and blames it on Katheryn.

What happens when the 5 year old runs away? will she get found?
Read and Find out!!


1. Introduction

Katheryn's P.O.V. (Point Of View)

Hello!!!! I am Katheryn and I am 5 years old.  My daddy is a bad boy, he hits me, he bites my arms, he screams at me, and many more things you can think of... he does it!


Mommy died when she came home from work one day, and she got  in to a car crash. She worked as a ambulance driver. She was driving to get patient and she got in to car crash and her and the patient died. I was really upset so was dad. Dad takes all his anger out on me. I don't know what I did to deserve this. It's not my fault mommy died.


I hate my life!! Daddy is really mean to me. I know what your going to say when I tell you this but... I cut. Yes a 3 year old cuts. But you don't understand!!! My dad literally gives me black eyes, broken bones, bruises and many more things. One time he even knocked me out and left me there and I was out cold for hours. Lucky I survived right? NO! I don't want to live anymore!!! I ran away!! I ran away from all the pain!! I am in a Orphanage now waiting to be adopted one day.


I am Waiting here and am so bored so I thought I would tell you about my story. I don't have any contact with my dad and I don't want any contact with him. Yes I still cut, but I have not done it a lot lately because my best friend that I met in the Orphanage has stopped me and kept me from doing it.

He is 7 and his name is Cody. He is like a brother to me and I wouldn't want to lose him! When ever we need each other the other one is there.

When I first came in to this Orphanage Cody was nice to me. He said to me this "Hi I am Cody, and I want to be your friend". Ever since that day we have been best friends! Feels like we are Brother and Sister.




A/N: Hey!! So this is my new story and I hope you like it so far!!!





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