Abused Then Adopted (May Edit/On Hold)

Katheryn, Age 5 gets abused. she gets abused by her father. Her mother was killed in a car crash coming home from work one night and the dad cant get over it and blames it on Katheryn.

What happens when the 5 year old runs away? will she get found?
Read and Find out!!


4. Choosing

Jesy's P.O.V

When we walked in we wanted a girl or boy aged 3-8. We wanted a girl but we were up for a challenge and were willing to take a boy. But we only wanted one. 5 kids walked out to the waiting room. 3 girls and 2 boys. The Blonde one with Green eyes looked cute she looked like she was 4 or 5ish. Then there was 2 other girls one with Red hair and the other with Dirty-Blonde. Then the boys there was one with Dirty-Blonde hair and one with Brown hair.

We decided we were going to interview each one and see which one we like. I got to interview the Blonde one with Green eyes. YAY!

(A/N: Jesy is Italics and Katheryn is Bold)

"Hello My name's Jesy, what's your name?"


"Okay, how old are you sweetie?"

"5 almost 6"

"Cool! Do you want to get adopted?"

"Yeah... also my brother/friend Cody wants to get adopted too!"

"Okay well let me talk to my friends and we will see, it was nice to meet you Katheryn, Bye"

"Yes, Bye Jesy"


The girls have a tough decision!!!!!!!!


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I am really tired cause it's 12:00am here and yeah so I will update again tomorrow, or in the morning whatever!! I am tired okay... DONT JUDGE ME!! LOL!! Okay so...






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