1. party

Mo's POV -

Happy. I was happy back then. Before all this bullshit happened, before my brother was killed in war, Before my sister killed herself. Before my parents went into a deep depression and took me down with them. I remember one day when I came home from school the bully's started again. My parents were gone and I could stop them. They finally got in my head and I couldn't take it. I cried my self to sleep that night, same with every night after that. It never stopped, it never will.



I woke up to my phone blasting WMYB "what!" I grumbly yelled into the phone. "well someone is not happy today" a familiar voice spoke into the phone, "Austin what do you want ! its only 12:20 " "well miss mo we are going to have a movie day at your place. Me, lexi and E are on our way so get ready !" with that he hung up. I jumped out of bed and placed my phone on its docking station I placed my playlist on repeat and ran to the bathroom, I jumped into the shower singing along to rock me, when the door flung open. "Mo babe we are here hurry up." I waited for the door to shut to get out, I rapped my towel around my dripping wet body and ran to my room locking the door behind me I decided on some spandex shorts, my light blue jack wills sweatshirt, my fuck you earrings and my friendship bracelets, and my blue heart belly ring. I ran in to my room to find Austin lexi and Emilee sitting on my bed watching the note book. "You guys suck I yelled before running to my front door to let a bunch of people in. Heck half of them I had no clue who they were I turned my music on loud and got out a bunch of drinks, people were dancing and drinking having a good time. I downed a few shots before going to find E, Austin, and Lexi. They were still in my room talking not even minding the loud music I decided to leave them alone and went to take a few more shots, after my 7th shot I went back into my room almost totally wasted. they were still there, I wobbled my way into the room using the walls as support. "hey.... " I slurred almost falling on my face. Two strong arms caught me before I hit the ground. I looked up to see Austin's bright blue eyes looking down at me in worry. His tall figure picked my small frame up and brought me to my bed making lexi and Emilee get off, he put me under the covers and whispered something to lexi, next thing I know lexi runs out of the room yelling " LISTEN UP YOU BUNCH OF BLOODY IDIOTS, YOU NEED TO LEAVE BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE IN 3...2...1 GO !!!!!!!!!!!" about 5 or 6 minuets later she popped back in the room E was next to me trying to get my attention and Austin was confused by my drunkenness. "MaKayla Marie you need to go to bed ! your gonna have the worst hang over ever tomorrow!" lexi yelled, Austin just laughed and pulled a few blankets and pillows out of the closet and laid them on the floor. he put his phone on my night stand and turned on one of my favorite songs. I pulled my covers up to my neck and Austin like always being my best friend and big brother figure kissed my head gently whispering good night, E rolled over towards the wall and lexi ended up on the couch. I listened quietly to the steady tempo, running the words through my head as the phone sang.

"Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

wake me like my father's come to pass

seven years has gone so fast

wake me up when September ends

here comes the rain again

falling from the stars

drenched in my pain again

becoming who we are

up when September ends"


the song went on for a few more verses when finally I fell asleep with not a bad thought in my mind.


Austin's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"When are you going to tell her ?" Lexi asked as she poured herself some orange juice "yeah Austin you better tell her soon ! and I wouldn't be surprised that she would freak out, I mean she just lost one brother and her parents don't even come around anymore, she's the youngest of us all, you take care of us what's gonna happen when you leave ?!" I listened to lexi and Emilee ask questions right and left. I haven't thought about how I was gonna tell Mo I was leaving for war soon, she didn't even know I took the training camp. "you guys will be fine im sure you just have to stay as one, and take care of her, she will be turning 16 soon and you 17 trust me ill be back before you know it !" I said as I heard Mo's bedroom door fly open and her run to the bathroom, she came back to the kitchen like 5 minutes later with her phone. "hey guys I got this really weird message last night and it says im um... niall horans sister ? im kinda scared will you stay another night?" "sure " we all responded as the door bell rang. E jumped up and ran to the door. Mo got up and went back to her room and me and lexi were still in the kitchen, E returned with 5 new faces, I heard mo singing along to one of our favorite songs. 'King For A Day ' by pierce the veil

" Please, won't you push me for the last time

Let's scream until there's nothing left

So sick of playing, I don't want this anymore

The thought of you's no fucking fun

You want a martyr, I'll be one

Because enough's enough, we're done

You told me think about it, well I did

Now I don't wanna feel a thing anymore

I'm tired of begging for the things that I want

I'm over sleeping like a dog on the floor"

I was introduced to 5 boys that Mo and Emilee are obsessed with, One Direction. I couldn't believe it we talked for awhile when I decided I would go get Mo, "ill be right back im gonna go get MaKayla so you can tell her what you just told us " "okay thanks" niall said.

I walked into Mo's room to see her with her beats on and her fast asleep in her bed 'king fro a day ' was still playing through her beats. I picked her up in her blanket bridal style and carried her to the sitting room where everybody was. "Her ill hold her" harry whisper yelled. I placed her on his lap and she snuggled into his chest, her music still playing. I waited for her to wake up wondering what was going through her small mind.


Mo's POV -

I was on something hard. Defiantly not my bed, I rolled over and fell onto the floor I smacked my head on something hard and tried to open my eyes, everything was blurry, I rubbed my eyes a few times and stuff started to clear up. I looked up to see Austin, E and Lexi all hovering over Me. "Mo ya okay??" "Yeah I think" I said getting up rubbing my head. I was shocked when I realised there was 5 extra people In my sitting room. E handed me an ice pack and I said hello to none other then my favourite band ! "Why in the world are you here!" I screamed in shock! They all laughed. "It's hard to explain so we will just give you the quick version of this." "Okay spit it out" I laughed looking at E ! In shock. "Your my baby sister" Niall smiled. I looked at him with shock! "What the bloody hell did u just say ?" "You are my sister!" "How !" We sat down and Niall explained everything, from the day I was born to the day I was taken. "What does this mean now ? I have to leave E and Austin ? What about Lexi ! " I asked tears at the brim of my eyes. "We will talk bout it tomorrow okay ?" "Alright I need time to think you guess can sleep in here there is pillows in the closet. Austin, e, Lexi you knew where y'all can sleep. Night everybody! " I yelled running to my room, shutting the door."

I sat in the corner of my bed back pressed to the wall knees pushed up to my head. I sat there for a few minuets tears streaming down my face trying to pull my hat out. I was confused beyond belief! I got up and walked over to my mini fridge. I grabbed a bottle of beer and downed it with in seconds I did the same to 3 more bottles intel I dropped In front of the fridge and passed out. What was happening to me!

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