Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


6. Will You Be Mine?

Hayley's POV


"Why don't you just stay here on the bus with me?" Justin asked, eyes full of hope. I looked at Tonesia shrugged her shoulders and was basically telling me that it's my choice. Justin noticed and he gave me the puppy dog eyes. Oh my goodness he looks so cute when he does that. How could anyone ever say no to that face..."I guess soo..." Before I could finish I felt a tight hug around me. It was Justin. I think he was more excited than anyone.


We got on the bus and he showed Tonesia a room she could sleep in. Before she walked in she said,"Have fun you guys!" and winked. Justin's smile got real big "Trust me we will." Tonesia shut her door and the light shut off in her room.


"So watcha wanna do?" Justin said sitting on the couch next to me putting his arm around me casually. "I don't about lets watch a movie?" I replied and as soon as I said movie Justin's eyes lit up. I swear this boy is a 5 year old inside a 19 year olds body. I giggled as he ran and sat in the floor under the tv where there was a cabinet of DVDs. 


"What about Woman In Black?" He asked. I replied shyly, "I don't know...I really get scared in those kinds of movies."


Justin's POV


"I don't know...I really get scared in those kinds of movies." Hayley said sounding like a little kid scared of the dark. It was cute though. "You will have me to protect you, it's okay." I said as I slipped the movie in the DVD player and plopped down on the couch next to her. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around us both. I put my arm around her trying to be smooth but..."You can put your arm around me you don't have to be scared to." She giggled. I felt so embarrassed, my face must have been bright red because Hayley leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and whispered "You don't have to be embarrassed. I think it's cute." She smiled. I didn't respond and just cuddled up to her.


**1 hour later**


Hayley has had her head buried in my chest most of the time. I decided to stop putting her in toucher and turned it off. "I feel like a big baby…" she muttered after she saw me turn it off. "You're not a big baby are MY baby" I winked. She looked down and I noticed she was blushing. I just kissed her on her forehead.


We both were getting tired and I noticed her eyes were about to flutter shut so I picked her up bridal style and carried her to my room and sat her on my bed. 


Hayley's POV


He sat me down and I was about to crawl under the covers and he threw a big white shirt at me and some sweatpants. "You can sleep in these." He smiled. I grabbed the clothes and headed off to the bathroom.


When I was walking back in I noticed he was just in batman pj pants. It was so sexy. He noticed I was looking at his abs and said," See something you like?" and giggled. I looked down and blushed feeling sort of embarrassed. I'm sure he noticed and walked over and he wrapped his arms around me and whispered its cute.


"I was kinda checking you out myself so it's okay…" He said as we were getting under the covers. "really?" I asked. "Yeah, You look pretty sexy in my clothes. You should wear them more often." He smiled. I just looked at him "Thanks" I joked. "No, I'm being serious. You should wear my clothes more often. It's a turn on for me." He giggled at the last part feeling a since of awkwardness coming. I just giggle and kissed him on the cheek and turned over from facing him and closed my eyes.


"No,No,No.." He muttered now leaning over me, "On the lips" He said pointing to his mouth. "Ugh,Do I have to..." I said..(I'm just joking around). "Yes, or the tickle monster will come " He said. I quickly pecked his lips and closed my eyes again, smiling. "That doesn't count, I didn't have time to kiss back." He pouted and laid down. I turned over and kissed him on the lips and he immediately kissed back. I pulled out of the kiss seconds later and he said,"That's better." Smiling, pecking my lips and closing his eyes. "Goodnight baby." He muttered about to drift off into sleep "Goodnight sweetheart." I replied. I peeked my eyes open slightly and saw just smiling ear to ear. I turned over and felt his arm wrap around my waist. This was truly one of the best nights of my life.


**The Next Morning**


Justin's POV


I woke up and stretched. I noticed Hayley was still sleeping. She is so beautiful. I just then noticed her eyes start to flutter open but I just couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from her. I smiled, "Good Morning Beautiful." "Good Morning Sexy" She giggled. Did she just call me sexy? I hope that nickname stays. I kissed her and got up to fix some breakfast. I was hoping she would stay in bed so I could bring her breakfast in bed.


I started making pancakes and was talking TT who was drinking some coffee. "Do you think she likes me ?" I asked. "Yeah, no doubt why?" she responded reassuringly. I looked around the corner to make sure Hayley wasn't coming in. "I was planning on asking her to be my girl but I'm just kinda nervous about it." I said quietly. "Oh my goodness really?? That so cute!" She kinda fangirled after I said that. I just laughed. 


Hayley walked in and I had just finished putting the last pancake on her plate. I sat the pan down and walked over to her wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her. "I made you breakfast" I said walking back over to the small table beside the stove. "You didn't have to…" she started trailing off. "I wanted to." I cut her off. 


"Do you want anything to drink sweetie ?" I asked. I noticed a big smile on Tonesia's face as she looked at me. I just ignored it. "Sure" I heard her angelic voice reply. " Milk or orange juice?" I asked. "Umm...Orange Juice, Please?" She replied. "Anything for you" I said all cheesy like. I grabbed a glass and poured orange juice in it and took it over to the table sitting it down in front of her. I had the syrup and butter on the table between both of our plates with a little flower in the middle.


"I will just leave you too alone and go watch some tv." TT said walking out of the room still drinking her second cup of coffee. I mouthed thank you to her as she was walking out when Hayley wasn't looking. No problem she mouthed back before exiting to the lounge. 


**20 Minuets Later**


"Hayley,Can I talk to you about something?" I asked her in a nervous tone. "Sure anything." She smiled. "I have only known you for a little amount of time ,but when I'm with you I just have this feeling and it's a good kind of feeling. I really, really like you Hayley. In fact I think I have fallen in love with you. So please will you do me the honor of being my girl ?" I asked holding her hands. "Justin I..."



Cliff Hanger!!! Sorry But it was


What do you think she is gonna say?


Will she say no and just want to be friends?




Thanks for giving my book a chance! Update Soon my lovelies :)


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