Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


17. The Surprise


Justin's POV


When I walked out I saw Alfredo and Tonesia were gone. All I saw was Melanie sitting on a bench near the room. "Where are they?" I asked giving a hand gesture to the place they were before. 


"I don't know. They just walked off without a word." She said shrugging her shoulders.


"Okay, well you can go back in. I'm just gonna go look around for them." I said then walking down the hallway leading to the lobby. I walked out the double doors that separated the two. I glanced over the waiting room. No one. 


I walked out side and looked for Fredo's car. Nope not there. Where could thoughts love birds be…?


I headed back to the room and saw that fucking doctor leaving the room. What could he want now? She is already awake. Nothing else matters. 


"What did he want?" I asked gesturing out the door as I walked back in sitting back in my spot. "He said I could go home !" Hayley said as her eyes lit up. 


Hayley's POV


I am so happy that I get to go home ! I am sick of just seeing this stupid hospital room. I know a lot more about my life then before now that everyone helped jogging some of my memory back. But how will I spend the next few days with Justin before he leaves. Ugh I don't wanna worry about this right now. I should just be happy I'm leaving this place.


"I brought you some clothes to change into." My mom said handing me some clothes. I walked into the bathroom and changed into my batman T-shirt and some shorts. I walked out and saw Justin on the phone and as soon as he noticed me he walked out of the room. Why would he need to walk out ? Who could he be talking to that he doesn't want me to know about ? I should just not worry about it. It's just my inner crazy jealous girlfriend, I guess...

Tonesia's POV


While Justin was talking to Hayley, me and Alfredo left. I didn't say anything to Melanie because I just didn't think she gave two shits about me.


We headed to the local park. I know thats weird but I just wanted to chill with Alfredo alone. Is that bad?


*25 minuets later*


We were driving back to the hospital and I got a call from Justin.


Me- Hey !


Justin- Hey I was wondering where ever the hell you guys are if you could stop by Hayley's house and get her swim suit and stuff like that.


Me- Um why??


Justin- Just please do it. I kinda thought about your water park idea you told me about and I have arranged it


Me- I knew it! and how are you gonna get her there...


Justin- The doctor said she could go home.


Me- Oh makes sense haha


Justin-  Well anyways thanks ! and if you could not tell her about this. I want it to be a surprise. 


Me-  No prob and I won't you don't have to worry. See ya soon bye 


Justin- haha See ya!


*Hangs up*


I told Alfredo the plan. After we picked up our swim suits and Hayley's we headed back to the hospital.



Hey sorry for the short chapter....


Do you think its cute that Justin is doing this for Hayley ?

What do you think is going to happen at the water park ?


Will Melanie stop being so hateful soon ?


Thanks for reading :)


See ya soon my lovelies <3



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