Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


11. Only Tonesia


Tonesia's POV


Okay I'm tired of this waiting shit. I am a very impatient person and this ain't gonna work. So I saw the nurse had returned to the desk so I marched my happy ass up there and was gonna speak my mind.


 "Hello can I go back and see Hayley Paris ? I'm a very close family friend." I spoke as I tried to be nice at first. "Sorry no visitors." She spoke barley glancing at me. "Okay look here lady. You are gonna let me back there to see her. We can do this the easy way or my way. So I suggest you point me in the direction of her fucking room." I yelled slamming my hands down on the counter slightly getting in her face. "Maim , I am going to have to call security if you do not calm down. " She said in an annoying voice. Justin was right...I really wanna punch this bitch in the face. 


"First off don't tell me to fucking clam down. Second of all I couldn't care less if you call security, like they would do anything." I spat. She called security and they were walking out. This is gonna be good. If she wants a scene she is gonna get just that. 


They grabbed my arms and TRIED to escort me out. Pft they thought they were gonna get rid of me that easy...think not. But then I noticed something about one of the police people. He was my parol officer. Okay before you go judging me I didn't murder anybody it was just assault on this girl that tried to steal my purse, k. I'm not gonna explain anymore. 


"Rob?" I questioned the guy that was my parol officer. "Oh my goodness Tonesia Parrot?" He questioned me as he let go of my arm. I nodded. "Let go of her she is one of my friends." He told the other guy. He gave me a hug and started talking to that "Thing" behind the counter. And if your wonder I was referring to the idiot nurse.


She then looked annoyed and told me where the room was but I couldn't go get Justin or otherwise I couldn't see Hayley. It was a hard decision but I walked to her room so you can kinda infer what choice I made. Justin would have done the same damn thing. 



Justin's POV


I saw Tonesia going off on that dumbass nurse and Alfredo and I were cracking up. She did not look happy. Then I saw some security guards come out of some room and try to take her away. I was about to go over there and say something but then I noticed she was talking to the guy on the right like she knew him. See only Tonesia would know the cop thats trying to take her away. 


They let her go and he started talking to the nurse. That nurse looked annoyed because TT had a huge smile planted on her face kinda like saying "I told ya so!". She is just to funny. Then she glanced at me and then walked towards a door. She did not just leave our asses. Well, I can't say much because I would have done the same thing so....Yeah. 


Me and Fredo just looked at each other like WTF just happened. But I told ya TT would have got us in if she was with me earlier but no she was getting all lovie dovie with Alfredo. I have never seen that side of her before.



Melanie's POV


I have taken a while off work to stay here with Hayley until she wakes up. I was taking a nap in the chair beside the hospital bed in till I heard the door opening up. It can't be another nurse because one just came by like five minuets ago. Then I saw Tonesia. How could she have gotten in here...wait never mind she is Tonesia. She can get anywhere if she is determined. She gasped at the sight of Hayley and she rushed over to the other side of the bed that I wasn't on. 


She grabbed a hold of her hand and started crying a tiny bit. She never cries over anyone so that just showed that she cared a lot for her. Then she leaned in over to her ear and whispered something. 


She walked over to where I was and sat down. "How did you get in here?" I asked her kind of shocked. "I could ask you the same thing. You lied to Justin. Thats just cold." She said shaking her head.



Tonesia's POV



I walked into the room that the nurse told me and saw Hayley laying there. Oh My God. That can't be her. She was hooked up to all these fancy machines and that scared me even more. I ran over to the side of her bed and just held her hand. I broke down. I tried to hold most of it in noticing someone else was in here but I really didn't pay that much attention to who it was. 


I leaned over to ear and whispered, " Hopefully you can hear me. I just wanted you to know that me which is Tonesia , Justin, and Alfredo all love and care about you. Justin loves you so much and never forget that. I know he would want me to tell you." And then I stood back up and noticed it was Melanie sitting over there. That bitch lied to us and said she wasn't aloud to go back there.


I walked over there and sat down. " How did you get in here ?" She asked me with a dumb look on her face. " I could ask you the same thing. You lied to Justin. Thats just cold." I scoffed and turned my head to the window near by. I can't believe she did that. Thats just not even cool.




What do you guys think ??


Will Justin and Alfredo ever get back there to see Hayley??


When will Hayley wake up ??


Do you think Tonesia is gonna go off on Melanie for her lying??


See ya soon my lovelies <3




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