Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


22. My Only Happiness



Hayley's POV


I kind of just stood there for the longest time expecting Tonesia to come back a little faster but she didn't. I pulled out my phone and checked the time. She had been gone for about half an hour. I still just needed someone to talk and be there for me so I decided to call my mom.


Mom- Hey Honey

Me-Hey Mom can you come pick me up...?

Mom- Why what's wrong sweetie?
Me- Just some stuff...I need to get away from him can you please just come get me.?

Mom-Yeah sure which waterpark are you at?

Me- Splash Country

Mom- Okay I will be there as soon as I can. Love you

Me- Thank You Please Hurry....Love you too. Bye.

Mom- Bye.

*Hung Up*

I was walking to the table I had my stuff at before and saw someone running towards me. Once the figure got closer I saw who it was. It was Alfredo. Damn I haven't seen him in a while...


"Did you see what the hell happened back there??" He asked me out of breath. "No what happened....?" I asked really nervous about my answer. "Tonesia beat the living shit outta that girl!" He said acting like I should have know that. "Megan?? When?" I asked. "Well I don't know what the hell her name was but she sure got it real bad for Tonesia. The fight...well let me rephrase that...more like beating happened like 10 minutes ago. I have been running everywhere to try to find someone besides that cat fight." He explained. I just stood there looking like a dumbfuck....


"Well I can't really talk because my mom is coming to get me and she should be here soon so I have to go get my stuff." I said really frustrated like and continued walking towards the table now only a few feet away.


"What did I do?? I'm sorry if I pissed you off..please don't be mad at me." Alfredo said like a little kid that got in trouble. I turned to look at him when I reached the table and he just look like a sad little puppy. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Justin. So don't worry,okay." I said and I could see the relief in his eyes.


"Why are you mad at Justin.?" He asked cocking his head a little. "Why don't you ask him." I said seeing that Justin was coming up to the table where we were at.


"Hayley, baby, what did I do to piss you off so much.?" He asked me as I was just about to walk away. "First off, I am NOT your baby. Second, why are you even talking to me right now.? Shouldn't you be tending to your helpless girlfriend." I said looking him straight in the eye."Okay look I am more confused than Alfredo using the IOS7 for the first time. Can you please explain what the fuck you are talking about.?" He said looking more lost than ever. Maybe he didn't know..or maybe he was just trying to play dumb..I really just couldn't handle him right now so I just replied," Goodbye." And started to walk away when I noticed him standing in front of the doorway that I had to go through to get out. 


Justin's POV


I saw her walking away and I ran really fast to the exit before she could. I was not going to lose her again. Not from something I apparently did. "You're not leaving here until you tell me what the fuck is going on with you." I said with a harsh tone. 


She slowly looked down. "You tricked  me." She said and I just looked at her with a confused face wanting her to carry on and so she did. "All this time you made me think you loved me and that I loved you and that we were together. But in reality it was just basically a big joke. I always thought to myself that you were too perfect to be real. Especially for a girl like me. Now I know. You do have a girlfriend but its not  me. Now get out of my way and go tend to Megan. I'm sure she needs you as much as I needed you when I was in the hospital. Goodbye. Forever." And with that she pushed me out of the way and left. She barely pushed me but it felt like I was being hit by a freight train because of all the pain and hurt in my body right now. I have lost so much in my life and I just broke to my knees and started crying and I didn't care who saw. All I knew was that I just watched one of the last things that meant the world to me and was part of the only happiness I had left in my life leave me, forever....





But I just feel like you guy haven't been caring if I post a chapter or not lately.... I always look in the comments and I only see like one or two rarely. I dont know it just gets sad when like I have 500 reads and no one comments. I do take your input on what should happen in the story FYI...







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