Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


2. M&G

Hayley's POV

"Is this real life?!" I asked my best friend ,Tonesia, as we were standing in the meet and greet line. "Yes , you need to clam down so you don't scare him." She told me. I would like to see her be calm if she was only minuets away for seeing her everything. I was jumping up and down like a little kid. I wish this line would go quicker...

*30 minuets later*


We finally reached the top of the steps. I was fangirling so hard on the inside ,but I contained it so I wouldn't freak him out. A voice scares me out of my daze by yelling "NEXT!" Kenny yelled. Oh my goodness... it's my turn. I don't know how to explain my feelings right now. TT grabs my arm we go through this dark room. Then I see him. The most beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes on. More perfect than I could even imagine. I ran up and hugged him without even thinking. He quickly hugs back. He has a bear hug grip on me. I feel so safe in his arms. Then I hear in the background TT apologizing for my behavior. I couldn't help it. I immediately release his waist in embarrassment. "It's okay, she is actually one of the well behaved beliebers." he giggled. His voice is so perfect. 


Tonesia's POV


As we were called up next to see Justin , I knew Hayley was going to trip so I stayed close by her side. As Justin came into view, Hayley ran to him and crushed him in a bear hug. I was afraid she going to kill him. "I'm so sorry. She is just like a huge Belieber." I quickly said. " Oh no it's perfectly fine, she is actually a normal belieber." He chuckled. Hayley was still standing there speechless, just staring at him in amazement. While Justin and I talked for a minuet as if we were old friends. After what felt like seconds, we took some last minuet pictures and Justin kissed Hayley on the cheek. I thought she was going to die. "Remember to breath Hayley" I reminded her as she inhaled deeply. Justin just laughed then suddenly took both of out iphones out of our hands. "Here is my number girl, I would like to hangout after I'm done with everything. Is that cool with you ?" Justin grinned at us. As I looked ay Hayley for an answer I quickly realized that was a stupid question as she was staring at me in awe, Shocked. " Of course we would! See you in a bit!" I giggled at him. As I looked down I saw he had put in our phone a special name. In mine it read "J Swaggy" and I glanced and saw Hayley's had read " Swag Master." As we were pushed out by the security guards, him and I did a cool little hand shake and he gave Hayley a sweet little hug and a kiss on the cheek. After we were dragged out, we headed to our seats way up at the top of the arena. As we sat there waiting for the countdown to end, it had finally sunk in that mine and Hayley's dreams were coming true. Then I saw a women in the distance walking over to us in a walkie talkie to her mouth. I heard her say "I found them."

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