Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


7. It Will All Work

Hayley's POV


"Hayley,Can I talk to you about something?" Justin asked me in a nervous tone. "Sure anything." I smiled. "I have only known you for a little amount of time , but when I'm with you I just have this feeling and it's a good kind of feeling. I really, really like you Hayley. In fact I think I have fallen in love with you. So please will you do me the honor of being my girl ?" He asked holding my hands. I was just so shocked. I have only known the real him for a little while too, and by real him I mean in person. But there is only one difference that him and I have about that matter. I KNOW I have fallen in love with him. Am I taking this to fast ? I don't know but I do know that the boy in front of me right now cares for me and I care for him. We might as well give us a chance. 


"Justin I...would love too" I smiled. Before I knew it Justin ran over to my side of the table and picked me up and twirled me around. I noticed TT peaking in the door slightly just smiling. I glad she is happy about this. "Thank God..." I heard Justin say under his breath. I giggled. Was he really that nervous about that ? 


"Oh, and I lied just now…" Justin said putting me back on the ground. "You lied about what ?" I asked really scared. "I KNOW I have fallen for you." He smiled. I let out a sign of relief and smiled then leaned in and peaked his lips. He immediately pulled me back and kissed me again not breaking away. I then felt him lick my bottom lip asking for entrance and I let him. Our tongues danced in tell I heard someone cleared their throat. It was Alfredo. Justin immediately looked up but still holding my waist.


"So you guys are an item now I'm assuming...?" Fredo spoke walking over and sitting at a bar stool near us. "Yeah" Justin said all proud to call me his. It was so cute.



Alfredo's POV


"So you guys are an item now I'm assuming…?" I asked, although I already figured, walking over and sitting at a bar stool near them. "Yeah" Justin said smiling ear to ear. He looked proud to call Hayley his. I have never seen that look in his eyes before. Also he has never moved this fast with a girl before which is a good thing if she feels the same feeling about him because I can see in his eyes he truly loves her, no doubt. 



** 8 months later **


Hayley's POV


Let me catch you up on some things. The day after Justin and I became a couple I went home because he had the rest of the tour to finish, so now we just call, text, skype ,and etc. to keep in touch. It's kinda hard not being able to see him because I just worry what if he finds someone better and leaves me. But that's just my jealous girl inside of me. Anyway he is suppose to be coming back tonight and I'm so excited ! Tomorrow is exactly eight months of us being together! <3


Also today I finally get to spend some time with my best friend before he gets here. We are going to the frozen yogurt place down the street. Ever since she has had online school I don't really see her as much as I would like. I better get going because we are meeting at 4:00 and it 3:45.


** 5 minuets later **


I saw Tonesia sitting at one of the booths, she was actually early for once, and I went up and hugged her. "I already ordered for you." She spoke. "How did you know what I wanted ?" I asked sitting down across from her. "Hayley, every time we come here you get the same thing." She laughed. " What if I wanted to be different this time was gonna get something different, huh?" I joked. She just gave me a look and said, " We both know you would have gotten the same thing, your just trying to be a smart ass." I just laughed.


Before I knew it a worker brought us both our "froyo,"that's what they call it here. TT got her normal peanut butter cup flavored kind and I got my favorite, Oreo . We talked for what seemed like forever but in reality was 25 minuets. Then I noticed a very familiar boy come in the restaurant. He could not stop staring at me. He sat at a table near us.


"Isn't that your ex boyfriend, Taylor ?" Tonesia asked me with a questionable face. My heart just sunk hearing that name. Taylor was an abusive boy. I tried for 4 months to get away from him. I havn't seen him in a year now and his looks havn't changed. I lived in fear for forever scared he would find me and kill me. He told me if  I ever left he would do just that. 




Will Taylor notice her and try to kill Hayley ?


How do you think Hayley and Justin will spend their anniversary ?


Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with the book ! I love you all ! 

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 posting another chapter earlier tomorrow :)



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