Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


10. I'm Sorry I Lied..

Justin's POV


I have been waiting for about half an hour...I know thats not long but it is for an inpatient guy like me. I just wish time would go by faster because the sooner Mel gets here , the sooner I get to go see Hayley. I really want to see if she is okay. I mean they could at least tell me what's wrong with her. 


Then I see walk through the doors, Melanie. Thank God! She glances over and sees me. Then walks over to the desk and starts talking to the stupid nurse that talked to me. She nodded and I saw her pull out her ID and answering some questions. This is not the fucking CIA, no need for all of that.


I then saw her start to walk back into a room. "Melanie! Wait!" I yelled running up to her. This is the only time they will let me in. I don't even care that I left Alfredo and Tonesia back there. My only focus right now is to see my baby. 


"Sir, Please go back to the waiting area." That dumb nurse said putting her arm out as if she was gonna stop me. Bitch is your name Melanie..No so why don't you put your hand back down and shut up. That's what I wanted to say but I just kept that in my head and put my attention to Mel.


"Please tell this lady to let me back in there to see her." I looked at Melanie with the most helpless face I could make. "She won't even let me in. Just because we have different last names." She said kind of annoyed and pissed. "Why not? Thats so stupid." I scoffed , rolling my eyes at the nurse. "I tried to tell her that Hayley didn't want to change her last name after her dad and I got a divorce and I did but this women won't believe me." She said slightly pointing her finger to the nurse. I wonder what her name is...I think she told me but I just wasn't listening. 


"Then why is she taking you back into that room?" I questioned. "I don't even know... but I will talk to you later Justin. You can't text me because my phone is dead." She responded and turned around with the stupid nurse lady and went into that room. I happen to get a glance on what it was and it wasn't a was a long hallway with a bunch of rooms connected to it. I'm guessing they were like offices or whatever. 


After the door shut, I walked back over to the area that we were sitting in. I noticed Tonesia and Alfredo holding hands. I'm really going to have to get used to them being a couple when they make it official. When ever that might be...


As soon as I sat down they both looked at me. "So..?" Tonesia asked with concern on her face. "So what?" I asked really not getting what she was asking. "So what happened? Can we go back there ?" She said as if I was the stupidest person on Earth. I felt like it after that....I just have my moments. Don't judge me.


"Oh yeah, They won't let Melanie back there either because they don't have the same last name." I said with the same annoyed tone as Mel had before. "That's so stupid." She said rolling her eyes and sitting back in the chair slouched. Alfredo had they same look on his face. We were all annoyed by this if you couldn't tell.



Melanie's POV

I feel so bad that I lied to Justin about all that and especially that the nurse kind of went along with it.  She is actually taking me to see Hayley in the special care unit. If you have no clue what that is well it's basically where the people with severe injuries go that need to have people watching them a lot. Anyway . I just didn't want him back here just yet. I want her to get a little better before he does. He still has to go back and preform and I don't want him stopping everything and staying here. He has worked too hard for this tour and he would disappoint many fans.  


The nurse walked me too the door that said "Paris" room 113. When I walked in I saw Hayley laying in the hospital bed with a tube down her throat and a bunch of other machines around her. I just broke into tears. " Why does she have all of those machines connected to her ?" I questioned her. " They are basically keeping her alive. Her skull was cracked and it ruptured the brain a little bit." She said as if she had no heart. "Will she be off them anytime soon ?" I said wiping some of the tears off my face and looking at her with hopeful eyes. "That we can't tell yet." She said looking at Hayley and shaking her head. Those words just killed me inside as I walked over and looked at her almost lifeless body...




HEY GUYS! sorry it took so long for me to update...My internet has been down and I can't do it on my phone....


So what do you think of Tonesia and Alfredo ???


Will Justin be mad at Melanie if he finds out ?


When will Justin be able to see Hayley again ?


See ya soon my lovelies <3



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