Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


16. Getting To Know Each Other Again Part 2


Tonesia's POV


It was my turn next. I walked in and saw Hayley sitting Indian Style on the hospital bed. "Hey!" She cheerfully said to me. "Hey" I said with not as much enthusiasm. I then walked over to where Justin had been staying the last couple of days and sat down. "I need to ask you something..." she said looking directly at me. "What?" I asked giving her a kinda confused look. 


"Were you the one that talked to me about the water park and always told me that Justin loves me very much?" She asked with her head tilted a tiny bit. " Yeah" I giggled. I missed just talking to her. I wish I could yell her about Alfredo and stuff but she wouldn't understand everything just yet. I needed my best friend back so I can fangirl over this. 


"Thank you. That gave me some hope and something to look forward to. " She smiled. That is one of the sweetest things. I am touched and that shit don't happen often except for those animal abuse commercials and stuff. Everyone get heartbroken and touched by those pictures. "No need to thank me. It's my job to keep my best friend alive." I kinda laughed. 


"But really I'm glad you did those things. I just loved it when people talked to me and didn't just sit around feeling sorry for me." She said giggling at the last part. "Well, I am just glad you are awake and okay. Once I find that boy I am gonna bash HIS head in." I said clenching my fists. Just the thought of that fucking boy makes me angry. 


She kinda laughed at me getting angry and then asked," On another note did my mom ever talk to me when I was out ? Because I couldn't match her voice up with any of the ones I remember." Come to think of it she never did. Thats cold. But did think it was weird that Justin sang to her every night before he went to sleep. That's another reason I should punch her in the throat. 


"I don't think so...sorry." I said feeling bad that her own mom didn't say anything to her. "Its fine." She said and sighed. Then we just talked about some memories we had had together. We just laughed and some of the most stupidest stuff for about 5 more minuets. After it was over and I was walking out I didn't realize how much I needed and missed to talking to her. Next was Alfredo. Justin wanted to go last for some reason.


Hayley's POV


I really loved talking to Tonesia. I can tell I picked a great best friend because she is so easy to talk to. Apparently we had a bunch of fun before this happened. But the worst part is...I can't remember the day that changed everything. My concert day. I learned that Justin was a famous singer and as soon as she said that I started remembering fangirling over a bunch of stuff but not the concert.


After Tonesia walked out to meet with the others, Alfredo I think is his name walked in. We talked for a short amount of time. He made me laugh so hard. I really needed that. He is a really sweet guy. We just goofed off. 


Then when he was walking out he did the MC hammer walk from "Can't Touch This" music video. I was dyeing of laughter. I knew who was coming next because he was the only one left. Justin. I didn't mind because you save the best for last.


Justin's POV 


Alfredo came out of her room laughing. So I gave in a few seconds before walking in. While I was waiting on everyones turn to go through I kinda prepared myself for what I was gonna say. I walked in and saw her there sitting on the bed catching her breath. "Are you okay there?" I sorta laughed. "Yeah, sorry I was just catching my breath from laughing." She said looking at me now. As soon as I looked at into her eyes I forgot everything I was gonna say. Shit. "It fine" I said.


I then walked over to my spot and sat down. "So is there anything you wanna ask me ?" I asked still trying to think of the conversation I had in my head before. "Why aren't you on tour ?" She asked. "I didn't think you remembered that. Anyways, I was going to stay at you house for a week so we could spend time with each other on our anniversary and stuff." I said answering her question. "Tonesia reminded me. And oh I'm sorry…" She looked down. " We still have three days." I said using my finger to lift up her chin then muttered, "Turn your head if this is too fast, Okay?"


She just nodded and I leaned in to kiss her. I could soon feel her lips. Thank goodness she didn't back away from the kiss. I missed these. After the short kiss, I walked back over to the door to tell them to come in and found Alfredo and Tonesia...…



Sorry cliff hanger...


What did you think ???


What do you think Alfredo and Tonesia are doing ???


What will Justin and Hayley do in those 3 days ??


See ya soon my lovelies <3



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