Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


15. Getting To Know Each Other Again Part 1

Sorry for the crappy last chapter... hope this one is better.


Justin's POV


What the doctor had just said was just beginning to sink in. I pulled my self together and walked over to the side of Hayley's bed where she was waiting patiently. "So do you know what I am to you ? Like what kind of relationship we had before? " I said trying to act really proper. I am not used to talking like that...


"No not really. I just figured out your name was Justin." She smiled as she said my name. I missed that. "I am your boyfriend. We have dated for 8 months." I said. I just realized that we spent our anniversary apart. "Oh really?" She asked. "Yes,." I giggled. 


Hayley's POV


When I had woken up I saw a pair of beautiful hazel eyes staring at me. They kind of startled me at first. I soon learned his name was Justin. I can remember a girl voice mentioning that name a lot saying that he loved me. I bet it was my mom which ever person that is. I was trying to match up the voice I heard from him now, to one of the voices I already heard. 


Those times he sang to me, called me beautiful when I looked like this, and everything else. I really meant a lot to him. Which made me smile when I saw him. I did really good. I mean he is a total hotie just sayin. I can't say I love him right now because love is a strong word and I just met him. 


"So can you tell me a little bit about my life ?" I asked. I really wanna know. Before a doctor interrupted when Justin was about to speak. I could tell he was a doctor because of the way he was dressed and stuff. "You should try to jog her memory by reminding her of some things that had happened before. It should help." He said and walked out. Well, that was what he was about to do before you interrupted us. 


After the doctor left Justin and 3 other people sat around my bed. That freaked me out. "My name is Tonesia and I'm you best friend ever since 8th grade." A girl with black hair, kinda tall, and pretty said smiling. "I'm Alfredo and we are friends. I met you through Justin." A guy with a snapback on and kinda darker skin said smiling and sorta waving. "I'm Melanie. Your mom." A short women with kinda curly hair said smiling. I had recognized all these voices except my own moms. Had she not spoken to me? That can't be true. I was just not thinking correctly. Yeah that's it. 


"So can you now tell me about my life?" I said looking directly at Justin. "Well, what do you wanna know?" He asked smiling like he knew every detail of my life. Well he is my boyfriend so that would make sense. "Umm how about lets start with the basic stuff like how did I get in here?" I asked. "I better answer that one since I was there with you." The girl named Tonesia said. "Oh okay." I simply said.


"An ex boyfriend of yours named Taylor showed up at a restaurant me and you were eating at. You had been hiding from him for 4 months. He abused you. He stopped you and basically beat you up and bashed your head into the wall. Things like that and now you are here." She said. "Did you try protect me ?" I asked. I am just curious because she seemed really strong and stuff.


Tonesia's POV


"Did you try to protect me ?" She asked me. That just broke my heart. I had forgotten why I felt so bad. Why I had cried. I just wished I would have done more to help her. Maybe she wouldn't be here in the hospital today. Hayley noticed I was hurt and said, " I am sure you tried. You don't have to answer." She said about to ask some more questions. 


She could tell everything. That is why we are best friends. We have always had this weird connection that no one understands. And seeing that she barley knows me and still can feel that lets me know I have a true and a great friend by my side. She was so sweet. 


After a while of asking questions and answering them. She asked if she could talk to each one of us privately for a minuet or two. Melanie went first just because she wanted to. That women still gets on my nerve. The rest of us went out in the hallway and talked.


Melanie's POV


I am so glad I get to go first. Once they all walked out of the room I didn't say anything and just hugged her. It took her a second to realize the hug and everything. I am sure I shocked her but I mean she is my daughter. I missed her. She then lightly hugged back. I could tell she felt weird about the hug and backed off and sat back down.


"I am sorry it's just I have missed you and stuff. " I said appolizigizing for my behavior. "Its fine. I understand because your my mom." She replied. We talked back and forth for about 3 minuets and then I went back out to the others for someone else to come in.




Sorry for the short chapter I promise I will do the 2nd part tomorrow. I just have some class in the morning and have to sleep. 


What do you think of Hayley being back ??


How do you think Hayley feels about not being able to remember her moms voice ??


Tell me what you think of this chapter !


See you soon my lovelies <3



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