Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


9. Frustration


Justin's POV



We arrived at the hospital and as soon as Alfredo stops the car I ran inside to see where Hayley was. I was so terrified. "Nurse?!" I said panting like a dog from being out of breath. "Yes sir, How may I help you ?" She said so calmly not looking up from her computer screen. "What room is Hayley Paris is in ?" I asked as I finally got my breathing to a normal pace. "Umm…" She said as she typed away looking and scrolling through patience. "She is not available to see right now, only to family. She is in critical condition." She said as if she was a robot with no feelings.


"But I'm her boyfriend that is close to family." I said hoping she would let me back there. "No, Sorry we can't let you back there just yet in till a parent of the patient gives permission." She said like she didn't even give two shits about anyone. I just wanted to climb over the desk and slap her but I held in my anger. It was just left over anger that I hadn't gotten out of me from that ass hole ,Taylor. I simply without disturbing anyone walked over to the waiting area and pulled out my phone to text Melanie to come quickly so I could get back there. I wonder where TT and Fredo are… They are taking forever to get in here. If TT was with me she would have gotten up back there because knowing her she would have made a scene and wouldn't take no for an answer.



Alfredo's POV



Justin ran out of the car as soon as I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. Man that boy can run if he wanted to. Of course I don't blame him. He just wants to see Hayley, matter of fact I do to. 


When were driving around to find a parking space close to the entrance I couldn't help but keep looking at Tonesia. I never noticed how gorgeous she was. Well, I never really stared at her, just glanced. "What are you staring at ?" She giggled. She has a really adorable giggle. "Just you." I smiled. Wait a minuet, did that just come out of my mouth. I know I was thinking it but now she is probably thinking I'm a creep. 


I looked back and noticed she was blushing. I finally found a parking space and neither of us got out. As much as both of us wanted to go see Hayley we were just lost in each others eyes as we looked at each other. 


We broke out of our trance by Tonesia leaning forward and kissed me on the cheek. "We better go in." She smiled. Wow she has a beautiful smile. I quickly got out before she could and ran around the car and opened it up for her. Then I grabbed her hand and walked into the hospital. We were both smiling ear to ear as if we had just had all of our wishes come true just then.


I walked in scanning the waiting room and caught the eye of Justin as he waved at me to come sit down next to him. When Tonesia and I got closer , I noticed Justin eye balling our hands intertwined with one another. He just smiled and shook his head. "Well well well , What do I see here? A new relationship I don't know about." He smirked. Tonesia just looked down as if signaling me to answer that. "Sorta." I shrugged. 


As I sat down next to him I whispered enough that only he could hear, "About to be." He knew what I was talking about and a smile just spread throughout his face. As if he had predicted it. 


I asked Justin what had happened and when we could go back and see her. I knew Justin was waiting out here for some reason because believe me if he was aloud to back there already he wouldn't think twice about it. He sat there and explained to us everything that had been said and I could tell by the tone of his voice the more he told the story the more pissed off he got. I would be to if I were him. 


Justin's POV



I had texted Melanie and she had to run into work and didn't know when she could get here but she would try her best. I know it wasn't her fault. She loved her job but the only bad part was she never knew on her days off when she would have to drop everything and go. That only happened sometimes but Hayley told me that it has been happening more often. I just feel sorry for Mel right now. Her daughter is in the hospital and she is not able to come see if her baby girl is okay. 


I just wished I would have said something like husband to be to the stupid nurse. Then she probably would have let me back there. This is so frustrating. I just want to see her face and hold her in my arms. Is that too much to ask ?



**I just wanted to tell you I changed the time length in chapter seven for them to have been dating 8 months. FYI


Sorry for the short chapter...I will upload more tomorrow !


Thanks for reading and See Ya soon my Lovelies <3



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