Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


19. Drama At The Waterpark

Justin's POV


Me and Hayley were towards the wave pool hand in hand when I noticed a dirty blonde girl walking with her friend. She looked so familiar but I just couldn't put my finger on it...


"Hey baby miss me?" She said kissing my jawline. I recognize that voice. Thats it. She is the one from the concert. The concert when me and Hayley first met. She was the one that almost messed up my chances with Hayley. 


I have to admit she is pretty but I like girls that are classy and she is defiantly trashy. Anyway I backed away making sure I still had ahold of Hayley's hand and was planning on just ignoring her. But I guess she planned for that because she rapped her arms around my waist so I couldn't go anywhere. shit.


I felt Hayley trying to let go of my hand but I just tightened my grip. I am not going to let this girl ruin our relationship. 


Megan's POV


I was at my daddies water park today with my BFFN(Best Friend For Now) ,Baylee. He told me that I needed to stay out but who cares I want to just have fun for a while then I will leave. The place was normally packed but today it just was empty in tell I noticed a couple walking towards, what seemed like the wave pool.


As I got closer I noticed it was Justin Bieber. OMB! But then my smile faded into pure hate tread when I saw that ugly ass girlfriend of his. I'm pretty sure her name is Hayley. 


I want Justin to be mine so bad. He deserves me. But he is always stuck of Hayley's ass to notice. 


I was watching TMZ and they said that she lost her memory. That is so perfect. I have a plan. I whispered to Bay what it was then was on my way to put it into action.


I walked over to Justin and whispered "Hey baby miss me?" I wanted to kiss him on the lips but he is too tall so I went for the jawline or whatever its called. I noticed he was trying to walk away so I quickly grabbed ahold of his waist and pulled him closer. 


"I thought we had a date today?" I asked looking him dead in the eyes. This gonna be fun messing with Hayley's mind. 


Hayley's POV


This fan is really crazy. She is all upon Justin. Until I noticed the look in her eyes when she looks at him. They sparkled just like my do when I look at him. Well that's what Tonesia told me. I might have forgotten a few things but I know for sure that, that look in her eyes means she loves him. 


" I thought we had a date today?" she asked him looking him in the eyes. Those words brought me back from my spaced out mind. 


Wait, hold up a second date? Were they dating.? Let me rephrase that. Are they dating? I tried to let go of Justin's hand again but he just tighten his grip. 

" What date?" Justin respond. He looked confused a little but I'm not sure. She said something but it was too quite I couldn't hear it. 


I'm certain Justin did though because he kinda flipped. "Look I am tired of you just showing up and thinking that we are together when I don't even know you. Just leave me alone! Can't you see I am clearly happy with Hayley?!" He yelled. And with that he started storming off. Dragging me behind.....



Please don't hate me for not updating. >,<


I am sick so I will probably upload again tonight.....

Also I am writing 2 new fanfics and one of them is for a contest "When The Lights Are Turned Off" so if you don't mind going and checking them out also :) 


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