Between the Lines

Deep in the darkest alleyways of this world, demons prowl the night. Mundanes may not be able to see them because of the glamour, but i can. I can see them, and I can fight them.
I am a shadow hunter.


4. New Kid On The Block

     "Get out of the way! Come on! Move it people!" Shouts a voice from the other side of the hallway. The crowd parts like massive waves as a single slim figure struts their way through them and towards me. I can't help but smile at the sight of Maeve, what with her child-like figure, angelic eyes and halo of blonde curls, and outrageous fashion statements. This week it appears to be, "NO PATTERN IS TOO BOLD FOR ME!" Her outfit today consists of a sequined leopard print camisole, zebra striped shorts, and tiger patterned Vans. 

    "Wow, Maeve. I have to say, you look like you just came out of a carnivores tummy." 

    She rolls her eyes and bumps me playfully. "I know, right?" Looping her arm with mine, she starts dragging me down the hallway. "I really like this print style. Suits me, doesn't it?" With a flip of her hair, she silently declares my answer rhetorical. "So Robert asked me out last night." 

    "Robert? New flavor of the month?" 

    Maeve laughs. "Let's try, er der!"

    "Hmm." I purse my lips. "I would say he's raspberry." 

    "Really? I'd say more of a passion fruit." 

    We both laugh at our private game and round a corner. We bump right into a broad, muscular chest, that stiffens upon impact. My eyes trail upward and meet with two vibrant blue ones. "It seems that you just can't stay away from me." Speaks a voice deep within this figure. 

    Maeves face flushes a deep crimson, and she steps back. This is new to me, considering she rarely backs away from a guy, especially a cute one. "...Sorry." I mumble, moving around him. Laughter rings behind us as Maeve and I peel down the hallway. "Oh my God. That kid-," At the look of Maeves face, I can tell something is definitely up. "Mae?"

    Her expression seems distant, her eyes wandering. "Huh?"

    "Do you know him?"

    "Who? The guy we just ran into? Psh. No. Oh, I think the bell just rang." She makes a beeline for her locker, practically climbing into it as if it's the wardrobe to Narnia once the door swings open. "I don't know him. Or what he is-," She catches her mistake, but a second too late. "-up to." 

    In an attempt to push her locker door close, I catch a glimpse of her face. A scream rises up inside me, my childhood nightmare coming alive. Maeves face is covered in cracks that run like vines down her face. Her eyes are a deep crimson, and something is protruding from her top lips. With little effort, she pushes the locker door back open, hiding her face. When it closes again, Maeve returns to her usual self. 

    The horror drains from my face, and I try to seem very calm and still; as is nothing is wrong. "Pax?" 


    "Is something wrong?"

    "No. Everything is fine and dandy." A smile plasters itself on my face. 

    Eyeing me curiously, Maeve crosses her arms with her books snuggled against her chest. "Alright. See you in Algebra." With a dismissive wave of her hand, she disappears down the hallway. 

    "You saw it, didn't you?" Calls a voice behind me.

    "Saw what?" My voice whispers as I turn slowly around. 

    "What she really is." James says. "A vampire."


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