Between the Lines

Deep in the darkest alleyways of this world, demons prowl the night. Mundanes may not be able to see them because of the glamour, but i can. I can see them, and I can fight them.
I am a shadow hunter.


3. Meatloaf Monday

    The school bus is a crowded, chaotic, and miserable way of transportation. The ugly green leather seats are ripped and torn, with wire and super glue modge podged everywhere in a desperate attempt to keep them from falling apart. I would walk, but the school's at least thirty blocks away. So, until I have my permit and can drive, I'm stuck in this overrated yellow limousine. There is one good thing about it though, my best friend Maeve lives down the street, so she's stuck with me.

    The bus rolls to a slow stop, and the doors are opened as the hinges moan in protest. A tall, blue eyed, sandy-haired boy climbs up the steps. His turquoise orbs scan down the aisle and land on the space next to me. Ignoring any stares or forlorning attempts to get his attention, he makes his way to the back where I am seated, and sits down on the seat beside me. Are my eyes deceiving me? A cute boy sits down next to me, ME, when there are not only plenty of pretty girls dying to get their hands on him, there are also loads of empty seats? "Umm...."

    "Don't tell me that's your name." He says turning to face me, a friendly smile spread across his lips. "That's an awfully dreadful name, I hope you know."

    A nervous laugh escapes me, and I can feel my cheeks flush bright pink. "No, that's not my name. I'm Sammi." I say extending a hand. 

    The smile spreads as he shakes my hand, his touch lingering against mine. "I'm James." 

    I nod and return to my mindless gazing out the window. "You're not much of a conversationalist, are you Sammi?"Says a voice beside me. 

    "Not really." Is my reply, my gaze locked on something outside my window. 

    "We'll have to change that then. Won't we?"

    I hum a response, not really paying attention to his unwanted small talk. A meadow with a wide assortment of wild flowers is to my left, but something is out of place. Little winged creatures flutter freely around, unaffected by the metal beast speeding past them. I'm not one for believing in mythical creatures, but I'm pretty sure those are... Fairies. Logically, there is no such things as "Fairies." But then again, that's what my eye are showing me. It must be a trick of the light, because when I look again, they are gone. 

    James hasn't stopped with his incessant chatter, and I'm beginning to get annoyed. But right when I'm bout to tell him to put a sock in it, he mentions two words. The two words that turn my world upside down. 

    Shadow hunter.  


    "What did you just call me?" I ask, my tone warning.

    "I said Sammi... That's your name isn't it?" He asks, lifting an eyebrow.

    "Yes, but you said something else." My words are spit out like venom. "You said Shadow hunter." 

    At the mention of this name, a muscle in his jaw ticks. He opens his mouth, about to say something, when the bus pulls to a stop. He abruptly stands and makes his way off the bus, but not without giving me a malicious goodbye smile. Something in his expression says, "You're right. Now all you have to do is figure it out." 

    A line of students spill into the aisle, shoving and pushing their way out. "This is going to be an interesting day." I say with a sigh. I am the last to exit the bus, as usual. The cracked pavement beneath me they call a parking lot is littered with stray trash, and papers blowing in the morning breeze. One tumbles across the ground and presses against my boot. Bending down to pick it up, I notice it's a lunch schedule for this month. Trailing my finger across the days, I find todays date. Great. It's Meatloaf Monday. 

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