Between the Lines

Deep in the darkest alleyways of this world, demons prowl the night. Mundanes may not be able to see them because of the glamour, but i can. I can see them, and I can fight them.
I am a shadow hunter.


6. I'm a what?

    Nope. Nope nope nope. All I knew was I wanted to put as much distance between me and that... shadow hunter.... 

    Those two words are so foreign, so alien. 

    What is a shadow hunter, anyways? Some one that hunts demons or something? I remember the strange, almost horrific, instances that had occurred to me this morning: the note, the fairies,  how Maeve looked when she closed her locker door.... None of this added up. 

     Plausibly, this wasn't possible. Vampires, fairies, shadow hunters, and God only knows what else don't exist. Scientifically, I could suppose variations of their traditional forms were possible. Logically, this made no sense. Yet somewhere deep inside of me, I mean deep deep down in the bottom of my heart and very soul, I have this feeling. A feeling of new found knowledge, that was hidden for quite some time; almost as if I'd been sleeping and now I have awaken. 

    Time to consider my two options.

    A) I could ignore James and pretend nothing ever happened. 

    B) I could try and figure out this mess, see if it really is true...

    Shoving open the door to the girls' restroom, I place my palms against the cool of the ceramic walls. I slide down until the grubby tile is there to greet me, and pull my knees to my chest. It's then when I see the flicker of movement outside the window across the narrow room, and I know in that second my choice was instantly made. 

    B as in Battling. 

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