Between the Lines

Deep in the darkest alleyways of this world, demons prowl the night. Mundanes may not be able to see them because of the glamour, but i can. I can see them, and I can fight them.
I am a shadow hunter.


1. Crucifixes

    For some odd reason beyond my comprehension, mundanes seem to believe a crucifix can help defend yourself against a demon. I find this rather amusing, because anyone in the Downworld knows that this is utterly absurd. I find no particular reason why I want to share my story with you, but I assume you may be interested. If this is the case, then by all means scroll down and continue reading. If this is not the case, however, it seems that you are too far mundane to even begin to comprehend my world. So, as I was saying, only true Shadow hunter weapons can protect you. If you continue reading, you will find this out through my words. But be forewarned, I am finding a loophole in the glamour, so be prepared for what you are about to read. Who knows, you  might even have a trace of Shadow hunter blood in your veins. If so, you may find these things out for yourself, like I have.   

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