An American girl goes to visit her Grandmother in Mullingar ,Ireland and spends time with a rising United Kingdom band.


2. under 21

Janegh: you're such a dork you brought homework

Sha: a no its called reading you try it some time

Janegh:  what i read

sha: this "One Direction magizene" its all pictures

Janegh: whats taking them so long just give me a car so i can go meet Niall Horan

Sha:you cant drive

Janegh: yea i can license

Sha: no u cant sign

Janegh: ''reads the sign'' you must be at least 25 years old to drive/rent a car from Mullingar car rental. WHAT how am i suppose to do the things i wanna do 

Mom:and what would that be

Janegh: take Sha sight seeing

Dad: i think grandma has a car that you can use

Janegh: sweet

Mom: see what i Mean mom you could break a hip

Grandma : oh look the clavier is here now Barbara don't worry Howard had my back the whole time

Howard: we take car of each other

Mom: oh OK

grandma: Janegh you can take it for spin

Janegh: yea an ugly car that you would never want to be seen in


Sha: grandma says stop passing you're  causing a derphate

Janegh: Leslie just got off the phone having a talk about about a blog about Niall Horan they singing tonight at Bailey Miller's birthday party at under 21i have to go

Sha: good luck to convince mom and dad to let you 

Janegh: come with me

Sha: no

Janegh: mom and dad will let me go if you go with me too cuz' they trust you

sha: never gonna happen

Janegh: ill shut up about Niall horan and one direction the rest of this trip

Sha: how about the rest of your life

Janegh: deal

Sha: what OK

at the party

Liam: i don't know about this we shouldn't be here we should be at home chilling with your parents friends

Niall: since when do u like to hang out with my parents friends and i also promised her i would

Liam: hello ? the carter is from Argentina there is gonna be stake for dinner and you and your stupid friendship rules

Niall: it works for you
Liam: Bailey,Babe Happy Birthday

Bailey: where is Niall

Liam: he's at home eating steak

Bailey the birthday girl in the VIP sections has a special guest Niall Horan

Niall starts to sing Live while you're young

Niall: Happy Birthday Bailey goodnight everybody


Niall: did i just hit you

Sha: no the door hit me by itself

Niall: this is not good

Sha: for you or for me cuz right now  its a lot worse for then it is you

Niall: this is really not good

 Sha: wait you're

Niall:i will give you front tickets to me next concert if you don't scream my name


Niall: we need to get you to a doctor  come on

Sha: what about Janegh

Niall: who's Janegh

Sha: my sister  she up in the club

Liam:what happen

Niall: help now questions later

Niall: just get into the car

AT the hospital

Greg: follow the light  well the follow threw looked OK

Sha: so why did i throw up

Greg: it might have been something you ate or meeting that idiot

Niall: its a curtain i can hear what you're saying

Greg: no no you can't

Sha: wait you to know each other

Niall: he's my brother

at his house

Niall's mom: yes now he just showed up u and Liam need to get home right now you told him that you guys were gonna stay home the whole weekend

Niall: OK  we will be right there

Sha: r u sure this is safe

Niall: yea

first we need to make a small stop

Sha: you're kinding me right

Niall: what

Sha: u live here

 Niall: yea why


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