The Sangheili - a first person Halo fanfic



1. The Mystery Man

     Most people believed that we weren't the only beings in the universe, that there was possible life on other planets. I thought it was stupid, but I was proved wrong when something changed my life.

     It was a cool and calm day in 'The Mitten State'. Most people from the southern states say it's too cold in winter, but to a Michigander, like me, it's why I call Michigan my home. Five feet behind a common two-story house was a mile-wide forest, lying in wait as its strangely beautiful appearance lures you to travel deep inside to discover its eerie mysteries. I was walking through the forest, the scent of lilacs filled the air as I reached my destination. Stopping before an old fallen oak tree, I gaze at the roots, protruding outward as if it were some strange creature frozen in time, waiting for the right moment to strike. I started to gather the logs that my brother had chopped until I heard a twig snap, the sound making me jump and look around nervously. “Hello?” I ask. Nothing moved as I gazed back and forth between the trees, trying to find whatever followed me here. I stopped short of touching a log when I heard something growl behind me, my blood froze as I straightened up and turned around. My eyes grew wide, and my heart froze as I gazed into the fiery eyes of a creature that made me feel that my life has come to its end.

     A mysteriously massive tiger, about the size of a Kodiak bear, stared at me with large red eyes filled with hatred and rage. He turned his head to both sides, letting out a deafening roar as if calling for backup. A tiger in Michigan? I thought, as I watched more tigers gather around me, I thought tigers lived in the Middle East. One of the tigers, which I saw was younger due to his size, crept closer and took in my scent. He continued to move closer to me, but was stopped by the massive tiger that found me first. Judging by the tiger's size, I hypothesized that the massive tiger was the alpha of the pack. Then, the tigers heard something rustle through the trees, focusing their attention on the source of the noise. I slowly moved away from the pack, then started running back to the house. Aware of my escape, the massive tiger turned his attention back on me and ordered his pack to follow in pursuit, not willing to let me escape alive. Trying to evade my pursuers, I ran for the edge of the forest, hoping my dad or my brother would be there to save me. But I then turned around when a younger tiger blocked my path, luring me to the rest of the pack. I glanced briefly over my shoulder, then back in front of me, and I came to a halt with the leader lumbering in front of me. Scared and weaponless, I turned in every direction in fear as the entire pack continued to gather around me, waiting for the right command.

     The massive tiger roared, his massive paws waiting for the right moment to unsheathe their weapons and strike me down as he lumbered toward me. He stopped between two other tigers, completing the ring of tigers surrounding me as they waited for the feast to begin. Then, the massive tiger ran a couple of feet and leaped into the air, but was rammed to the side by a mysterious figure. The other tigers ran to aid their leader, but a few failed to do so when the mysterious figure drew a sword and killed them. I stared in shock at the familiar shape of the figure's sword, my eyes not believing what they took in. In the name of God, that's an Energy Sword! I thought, but then started running toward the house, realizing this mysterious figure was creating a diversion. One of the tigers saw me trying to escape, and made me trip by ramming his head into my left shoulder with lots of force. I fell, then rolled onto my back clutching my left shoulder in pain. I tried to roll away from the tiger, but its paw hit my shoulders which, with enough force, knocked me unconscious. The tiger attempted to take another strike, but was ordered to retreat by his leader due to the loss of some of his pack. The mysterious figure walked over and looked at my unconscious figure, then looked back at the tigers. The massive tiger looked back, let out a vengeful roar, then looked back to his pack and ran off. The figure deactivated his Energy Sword, placed it on his belt, and knelt down next to me. He turned me over in his arms, and he carried me back home, hoping I wasn't severely damaged.

     I didn't know what or who this man was, but needless to say I was very grateful that he saved me from danger. When the man reached my house, my family came out to greet him, their faces filled with worry. “What happened in there?” My dad asked the strange man, his eyes glazed in fear. “Your daughter was attacked by Monaru and his Vladekor Rogues. Fortunately for her, I saved her long before any serious damage was done. But one of the tigers knocked her unconscious, so I need to make sure nothing else was damaged.”, the stranger said with a smile. My parents nodded, then lead him to my room where my brother was standing near the doorway. “Will she be okay?” he asked, his eyes filled with worry. The stranger smiled and nodded. “I have a niece the same age as your sister who was attacked, and survived being battered by Monaru. Your sister will be fine, trust me.” And with that, he walked into my bedroom and closed the door behind him with his foot. He gently lowered me onto my bed, then gently removed my shoes, jeans, and shirt to check for any injuries. While escaping my pursuers, several branches and thorns cut into my clothes, cutting my skin. A bruise on my shoulders had spread on my back, and several cuts on my arms, legs, and back were bleeding very lightly. The mystery man decided to take me into my bathroom to wash off the blood, and clean the cuts to prevent getting infected.

     While cleaning the cuts, he took out a tube of some weird ointment and rubbed it into the cuts on my arms, legs, and back. Then, I felt something soft being wrapped around me, realizing that he was wrapping me with cotton wrap bandages. Ten minutes later, he takes me back to my bed and gently maneuvers my body under the sheets. My body was slightly shivering, but stopped when it felt the soft and warm touch of the sheets. I sighed softly as I felt the man's hand on my left cheek, and smiled when he stroked it with his thumb. Never in my life have I ever felt someone so gentle, so warm. His skin was smooth like mine, but his felt... snake-like. I wanted to open my eyes, but wasn't sure if I would like who my rescuer is and what he looks like. I thought of who this man was and what he might want with me, but I decided against it and slowly opened my eyes. I don't recall how long I was unconscious, but my eyes felt slightly heavy as I opened them. As my eyes opened completely, they grew wide in shock as I fought the sensation to squeal in joy. I thought he wasn't real, that he was just a video game character in a game that takes place in the future that might never happen. Yet, he's here by my bedside, fitting into my room's environment as if he was spawned here. I felt like I was in heaven.

     Okay, you guys may or may not believe it either. But I bet you are wishing this happened to you as well. The mysterious man, who saved me from the pack of tigers, was the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam.

     I immediately sat up in bed in shock. No way, no way, no way! It's him, it really is him! My head screaming with joy as I took in every detail of my rescuer. Thel 'Vadam is a Sangheili, an intelligent race that is part of an alien alliance known as the Covenant, originally fought against humanity, then joined in alliance with it. Out of all the Sangheili that would've saved me, God had chosen Thel 'Vadam as my savior. My heart slowed and steadied its pace so it wouldn't pound so hard in my chest. I closed my eyes, and took a few deep breaths to keep myself under control and not freak out due to his presence. I opened my eyes again, making contact with Thel's golden eyes as I tried to remain calm. “Do you... have the Mark of Shame on your chest? Or am I still out cold and this is all a wonderful dream?” I asked calmly, my eyes flickered away then back in embarrassment. He moved from the chair to my bed, removing his breastplate to reveal the symbol embedded in his chest. Reluctantly, I ran my fingers over the marking on his left breast in surprise and sorrow. His mark was real, whether my mind wanted to believe it or not as I ran my fingers over every detail of the mark. Reluctant and embarrassed, I put an ear to his chest and listened to his dual hearts beat in unison. Thel looked at me, his cheeks glowing red with shock and embarrassment as he felt my hair on his chest. Smiling and blushing myself, I moved myself till I sat on his lap, wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes.

     Well, this is awkward. Thel thought, as he wrapped his arms around me. Unsure of what to do, he rested his right cheek on the top of my head and smiled. Our little embrace ended when we heard the familiar sound of a cat. I opened my eyes, and looked around the room only to stop on the figure of a house cat. “Hiya, Jasmyn!” I say to her, walking towards me as a response to hearing her name called. She jumped onto my bed, stood on my thighs, and rubbed her forehead against mine, purring as loud as possible. “Still purring like a freight train.” I laugh as she rubs her head on my cheek, her whiskers tickling my face. She turned to Thel, rubbing her head on his arm as if telling him to pet her. “What do you want?” Thel smirked while Jasmyn looked him in the eyes and meowed softly. “She wants you to pet her. She just wants some loving.” I giggle as Jasmyn tries to lift Thel's hand to rub it. He strokes her head and neck in silence, slightly smiling as Jasmyn continues to purr. She then jumps off my bed and leaves my room in a trot, her long legs barely touching the ground. Thel puts his breastplate back on, and walks out of the room as I watch him leave. “Hey, wait for me!” I declared, putting on a different pair of jeans, a black longsleeve turtleneck shirt, and Falls Creek leather boots. He smiled, and headed out the front door with me trailing behind. I quickly catch up with him, and look up to see a Phantom hovering over my house waiting to pick up any stranded soldiers. I look back at my family, waving them farewell. “Have fun! Don't get yourself killed!”, my dad calling out, wishing me good luck. I saluted back, and felt myself being lifted into the troop carrier above me. Something told me that my adventure... was just beginning.

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