Sinners Like Me

It was the beginning of summer, June 21st. I was working the streets like always, attracting rich men in my way too tight way too short dress. My make-up was smeared from last night. If you haven't guessed already, I'm a prostitute, a slut, a whore. Whatever you want to call me. I didn't want to become what I am now, but I had no choice. Until a mysterious figure stepped into my life and helped me heal.
But I have sins that cannot be forgiven, not even by God Himself.
My name is Echo Willie Wilson and this is what happened to me.


3. Never

He chuckled. The dark figure chuckled. Then he looked up at me. He had light brown eyes. They stared into me, pulling out all my dirty secrets. Even the one that crushes me.
His hair was very dark brown. Black looking. And it had a messy, bed head look. Sexy, as some girls would put it. But considering the situation, I was not in the mood for sexy.

"I'll ask again, in case you didn't hear me. Who the hell are you?" I asked. I snatched up my suitcase with the hand that was twisted and winced. It hurt. Badly. But I didn't want No-Name to know.

"Zayn. Zayn Malik. And what is your name?" He grinned. Like he already knew it.

"Brittney." I said. I wouldn't tell him what my real name was. That's crazy.

"Oh really? Because your luggage tag says 'Echo Wilson'. Funny." His smart-ass grin was still plastered on his pretty little face. I was fuming.

"Oh fuck off. Thanks for helping me, but I could've taken care of myself."
I started to hurriedly walk past him, toward the other end of the alley.

"Hold up. Let me see your wrist. That bastard was pretty rough on you." I stopped walking. Nobody ever asked me that. Nobody ever checked on me. Which is why I was so stunned, I let him take my suitcase and put it down on the ground. He then tenderly picked up my wrist and examined it.

I just stood there, really taking in his features. For one, he was fit. And by fit, I mean workout every day for hours fit. And he was wearing a mussel tee, so it showed off his arms. And he had tattoos. Cool tattoos. They were colorful and rocking. I wished I could get a tattoo like that. Before the whole 'living on the streets' thing, I had enough money to get three tattoos. One of 'Forever young' across my wrist, a rose on my foot, and small stars across my back.

And he finished the look with bright shorts and Nike sneakers.

"Echo? Woo hew! Can you hear me? I said you'll have to go to the hospital. Come on. I'll take you." Zayn said, waving his hand in front of my face. I jerked my wrist out of his grasp.

"No! No no no no no! Never! I do not want to go to the hospital!" I yelled. I was attracting unwanted attention but didn't care. I picked up my suitcase with my good arm and started to walk briskly past him.

"Echo, wait! I'll take you to my personal doctor. He won't make you go the hospital. I promise. But you will have to come to my flat." Zayn called after me. I stopped. I hardly knew this boy. I only knew his name. I decided to see where this would go. I mean, I had nothing to lose.

"Fine. I'll go. But only to see the doctor. That's it." I stated, starting to walk back to him. He smiled. His smiled warmed my cold inside.

"Okay, Echo." He smirked. I hated that smirk. I wanted to slap it off his face.

"Now. Ms. Echo. So you don't think I'm a creeper, I'll tell you some stuff you'll need to know beforehand. First off, I'm a singer in a band called One Direction. Second, I live with a roommate. He is also apart of One Direction. He goes by the name of Niall Horan. That's all."

I nodded. We started to walk in what I was guessing was the direction of his flat. He was rolling my black suitcase while I was walking behind him.

I kept my head down as we walked. In this neighborhood, I am known. And I didn't want any of my "friends' to notice me. The last time someone went to a buyers house, they were killed and we had to stop business because the cops questioned all of us and patrolled the neighbor hood. I made next to nothing.

"It's only a few more blocks. Are you doing okay back there?" Zayn called back to me.

"Yeah." I replied. 

Going to a complete strangers house? What the fuck was I doing?


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