Keyword Marketing Pro Debuts New Website and Services

Netherlands, (July 3, 2013) – Keyword Marketing Pro announces the debut of their new website,, and new services. The Netherlands based SEO firm works with businesses worldwide assisting with global and local search engine optimization. They designed the new website to give clients greater control and ease of use on their orders. Clients can now monitor orders as they are processing and have immediate interaction with the Keyword Marketing Pro team.


1. Keyword Marketing Pro's insight

New services developed by the SEO professionals at Keyword Marketing Pro show the dramatic changes underway in the SEO and website promotion industry. Two factors standout on all new products. The level of quality, a consistent trademark from the company, has increased in importance. This is in response to Google, and internet users, demands for higher quality.


The second major change is social media engagement and social signals. The major search engines including Bing, Google, and Yahoo are now giving websites higher rankings if their sites receive widespread mention and support through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can see this new trend in products in Keyword Marketing Pro’s Twitter Links service.

You will find this dual emphasis on quality and social engagement in other products from the company. Their more advanced SEO package leverage a series of services including social media engagement through audio links, blogs, video marketing, and other sources.


The company keeps up to date on the latest SEO news, researches trends, tests theories, and uses innovative thinking throughout all of the products and SEO recommendations. The company takes a very hands on and personal approach with all clients. They consult with clients and recommend the best product, or combination of services, to help them move their rankings higher in the search engines.


Clients talk about the honesty they have found with Keyword Marketing Pro. If a client’s website has heavy penalties from Google for low quality content, bad links, or poor link building strategies, they clearly inform the client of the challenges and difficulties in recovering their site. There are no false promises made. Instead, they offer rock solid advice, even if that advice seems painful now.


The new website design and products at Keyword Marketing Pro are ready for clients now. They allow for better ranking, easier use of the site, and improved communication. You can learn more about their complete SEO service offering by visiting their website at


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Company Name: Keyword Marketing Pro


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