Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


19. Halloween Party

yes, I realize Halloween was on a Thursday but I don't care.


2 months later. October

Maddie's Pov

Yes! it is finally Friday and Halloween!

I went to my closet and decided what to wear. I picked my pink jeans, a grey sweater with pink lace at the top and my tan Uggs ( I left my hair natural and did my make up then headed downstairs.

I saw Liam sitting on the couch watching TV. "well you're up early" I said sitting next to him, "yeah, i just thought I'd come down here and just wait for you" he said looking at me "well I'm flattered" I said smiling, he gave me a small smile and looked at his hands "Okay well I'm gonna go eat" I said standing up.

I took a bite of my English muffin when Niall walked in. "hey, do you know what's up with Liam? he's acting kinda strange" I said sitting on the counter "he caught Sophia cheating on him last night" he said pouring some juice. "oh wow that must've sucked" I mumbled.

when I got to school I walked up to my locker and headed to first hour.

The school day went pretty fast. I walked outside and saw Benji standing at our usual tree. I walked up to him and gave him a hug. "so what are you doing for Halloween tonight?" I asked putting my phone in my pocket

. "I was just gonna watch movies with my cat" he said slightly laughing. "No! that's boring!" I whined "well that's all I have to do" he said "no it's not. come to a Halloween party with my dads and I!" I said "uh thanks but I don't really want to go to a party with 40 year olds" he said "oh, about that" i said "my dads aren't in their 40's. they're between the ages 19 and 21 and there's 5 of them" I said looking right at him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked confused. "they're here to pick me up so I will show you" I said with a goofy smile on my face.

I lead him to the car and he got in. As soon as Benjamin saw them his eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. "y-y-you're one d-direction" he stuttered "aha yes we are, you must be Benjamin" Zayn says "yea, that's me" he says smiling "so will you be coming to the Halloween party with us?" Louis asked looking back at Benjamin "uh sure if you want me to" he said shyly "of course! if you're Maddie's friend you're our friend" Liam says.

Once we got home Benji and I went straight to my room. "so I wanna show you my costume for the party" I said walking out of the room.

"Maddie! hurry up it's been like 45 minutes!" I heard Benji shout.

I walked in and Benji's jaw dropped and I giggled slightly. "wow Maddie that look amazing but what are you supposed to be?" he asked "I'm beauty and the beast" I said spinning around.

I was wearing a black and pink lace dress, nude coloured peep toe heels, a big diamond necklace, big diamond earrings, my hair curled, and my makeup was half skeleton and half normal everyday makeup. (

"so um what are we gonna do for your costume?" I asked looked Benji up and down "oh um i don't know" he said back just then Liam walked in with a long bag "I brought you a costume. I wore it last year, it should fit you" he said handing it to Benji.

Benji opened the bag and in there was Liam's batman costume, Benji started walking to bathroom to get changed.

Once he came back out we walked downstairs and as soon as we saw Harry's costume we bust out in a fit of laughter. He really did look like Miley Cyrus. He certainly has the tongue for it.

We arrived at the Halloween party and we greeted by Olly murs, Lou Teasdale, Little mix and some other people I didn't really know.

*4 hours*

It was now midnight and the party was coming to an end, the only people left were Me, Benji, The boys, The girls (Little Mix) and Olly.

Since we were at Olly's flat we could stay as long as we wanted. It was now 12:30 so we decided to play truth or dare.

"Perrie, Truth or dare?" Louis asked "Truth" "have you and Zayn ever ya know, done the nasty" he asked with a evil grin. Perrie's eyes widened and she shyly nodded her head yes."OH GIRL!!!!" I shouted loudly with made everyone laugh.

"Maddie, truth or dare?" Perrie asked me "dare!" I said "I dare you to dye your hair tomorrow" she said smiling "oh god yes yes yes I will do that!" I shouted.

We all went home at about 1:45. Benji and I got our sleep wear on and I took off my make up. Benji borrowed some of Louis' clothes and I put my sleep wear.(

We laid in our sleeping sacks on the living room floor "so are you really gonna dye your hair?" Benji asked turning towards "yea, I've been wanting to do it for a while but i was procrastinating so now I am really gonna do it" I said back "oh cool" he said "do you think I shouldn't do it?" I asked leaning my head in my hand "no no no don't get me wrong I think it will look really hot but promise you won't dye it black or red" he said slightly smiling "well damn i really wanted to get half black and half red but now I can't" I giggled sarcastically "shut up Maddie" he said laughing "but what are you gonna do?" he asked "you're just gonna have to wait and see" i said laying back down and putting the blankets back over me "night Mads" he said as he snuggled into me "night Benji"

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