Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


20. Hair Dying!

Maddie's Pov

I woke up at 10:30 and it looked as if everyone was still asleep. I slipped out of Benji's grip slightly and tipped toed upstairs.

I got dressed in a pair of black leggings, white tank, one of my favourite cardigans, and my tan ankle booties. I left my hair natural and called Perrie.

She picked me up about 10 minutes later and we went off to the hair salon.

Once we got there we went straight to doing my hair. I told the stylist what I wanted and she got right to work.

Once done I looked in the mirror and I was soo happy. It looked amazing

It was pink and purple ombre. I loved it.

We got back home at about 12:40 and by that time everyone was awake. Perrie walked in first while I was hiding putting my hair in a beanie. i tucked it all in and walked into the living room with everyone.

"let us see your hair" Louis shouted "drum roll please" I said and everybody began banging their hands on the ground. I pulled off my beanie and everybody looked at him.

"i-i-it's pink and purple" Benji stuttered "yea, is there something wrong with it?" I asked worried "no no no no no It looks brill!" he said back smiling.

*hours later*

It was now 7:00 and dark so we decided to go to the cellar and watch a film. We were all in the theater room looking for a movie when Niall pulled out a movie. "How about we watch Sharknado?" Niall asked looking at everyone. everybody agreed. No why do we have to watch Sharkando?!?!? the 2 things I hate the most Sharks and Tornadoes mixed together! I not watching this movie i refuse but I have to be chill I don't wanna sound like a wimp even though I am. "actually you guys can watch it I think I'm gonna do some homework, I have tons" I said "we don't have homework" Benji says "well I do"  I said and walked out.

I decided to make my self some tea. I lit up the fire on the stove and filled the kettle with water. after it was boiling i took it off the fire and poured the water in my mug, I grabbed tea bag and began to steep it. I added honey and mixed it in. I was going a bit to fast with the spoon and spilled some tea. I grabbed a dish towel and cleaned it up. I threw the towel on the stove and walked to my room...

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