Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


16. Changing my name?

Maddies POV

I walked in to the school at 8:00 and I find Ben standing by my locker waiting for me. "hey Mads" he said as I approached him, "hey Benji" I said slightly punching his arm.

"So,have you heard the new One direction song called Diana?" He said scooting over so I could open my locker. "yes of course I have, I love it so much" I said happily, I got my books out and shut my locker. "but the weird thing is that they don't even know anybody named Diana" I said walking down the hallway with Ben. "how do you know that?" he asked giving me a confused look "oh umm uhhhhh well I'm just guessing they don't" I said trying to cover up my mistake "oh well whatever" He said still giving me a weird look.

"okay I have to go to Mr.Adkins class now,bye" I said giving Ben a hug, he hugged back and we walked our different directions. I arrived at class and everyone was wondering around and talking to their friends. I walked over to Mr.Adkins who was sitting at his desk with his head in his heads, "is everything alright Mr.Adkins" I asked "they won't be quiet, I have tried so many times and they just won't listen to me" he said very frustrated "okay I'll handle this" I said back and he just out his head in his hands once again. I put two of my fingers in my mouth and whistled very loudly, right away everyone look right at me. "sit down and listen to Mr.Adkins" I shouted "we don't have to listen to you, you aren't the teacher bitch" some girl named Naomi said to me with he hands on her hips.

 "Thats it I'm done with this crap!!!!! Everyone is writing a 1000 word essay about the history of drama" Mr.Adkins said standing up from his desk. everybody sat down super silently and got out paper to start their essay. I was about to start but Mr.Adkins came up to me and said "you don't have to do this essay so you can just play on your phone or do what ever you want" he said kneeling down by my desk.

"oh and thanks for your help hun" he said placing his hand on my back, I gave him a smile and took my phone out backpack. I went to my camera and took some cute selfies. I put my headphones and turned on Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony. I played it on replay about 13 times because it's my new favorite song.

The bell finally and everyone got up "if you didn't finish your essay come in at lunch to finish". Everybody walked out of the classroom. when I came out I saw Ben standing by the door waiting for me. "Hey ready to go see who was put in advanced singing?" he asked smiling "yes I'm so excited!" I squealed.

We arrived in the classroom and everybody was crowded around the list on the wall. Katrina came out of the crowed of people yelling "how am I not in the advanced class?!?!?" she said stomping he feet on the floor "maybe it's because your aren't good at singing" Ben said putting his arm on her shoulder. She pushed his arm off and stormed out the classroom still screaming.

Me and Ben walked over to the list and look at it. there were 2 rows.

Normal: Katrina Watts, Jackson Serts, Emily Joesph, Riley O'Connor, Thomas Gelson, Sam Walker, Abby Hughes, James Hellings, Kate Cooper, Dana Happer, Jasper Wood, Julie Wood, Stella Baker, William Meath, Edward Johnson, Christopher Mardling, Naomi Wigman, Liz Husher, Megan King, Monica Patel, Michael McKiddie

Advanced: Sydney Bayn, Daniel Clayton, Brooke Dodds , Lucas Dean, Benjamin Murphy, Maddie Olson,  Tyler Powell, Josh Sanford, Eleanor Saunders, Kaitlyn Testman, Sierra Tucker, Darcy Wescott, Dylan Yaks

"yes I'm on Adanced!" I squealed hugging Ben. "okay so now the advanced class is now coming in 4th hour for class" Mrs.Moss said sitting at her desk.

*skip the rest of the day*

I put my backpack on the floor in my and walked back downstairs, I grabbed a juice box and opened it. Liam walked in and stood across the counter from me, "so Maddie I have something really important to tell you" as soon as he said that all the other boys walked in. "okay since we adopted we need you to have one of of our last names and if you pick one this rest of us will not be offended" Zayn said "oh um okay let me think about it.





okay so vote which one you want, the one with the most wins.

Maddie Horan

Maddie Payne

Maddie Tomlinson

Maddie Styles

Maddie Malik

- Savannah

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