Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


13. Birthday!!

Maddies Pov

I woke up in Harrys bed and turned over and saw him still sleeping, thats when it hit me. I shook Harry and then he finally woke up, "what is it darling?" he asked in his morning voice "It's my birthday!!!" I screamed jumping on him "Happy Birthday sweetie" he said and grabbed my hips to pull me on to him. He pulled me in for a hug and kissed my cheek. I let out a sigh then frowned. "what is it hun?" Harry asked concerned "this may sound really strange but since you guys like adopted me I can't have a crush on any one of you anymore" I sighed  "I'm sorry sweetie, okay well lets just jeep this between us" he said smiling, I didn't know what he was doing and all of the sudden his lips were on mine, at first I didn't kiss back but then i realized this is my only chance so I kissed him back. our lips were moving in sync and I was smiling into the kiss. it lasted about 18 seconds so it was pretty long. I finally pulled away, I smiled "thank you" I said.

He pecked me one more time on the cheek "you're welcome baby girl" he said smiling. i got out of bed and went into my room to get dressed. i put on my purple maxi skirt, a cute crop tank, and a pair of black flats ( I walked downstairs and saw all the boys talking.

"well good morning baby girl" Niall said and got up to give me a kiss on the cheek. "do you guys know what to day is?" I asked with a big smile"uhh Friday" Zayn said "yes but it's also my Birthday!!" I shouted with joy "Happy Birthday Maddie!" they all shouted.

I saw Niall get up and walk away from the corner of my eye, I didn't know what he was doing so I just brushed it off, "what do you want to do for your birthday party?" Liam asked me taking bite of his toast "well I don't have any friends but can we invite the girls (little mix)?" I asked with a hopeful face "oh I'm sorry hun but they left for tour this morning" Zayn said frowning "oh well i guess it's just us six" I said.

"not so fast, guess who I just Invited" Niall said sitting back down "umm who?" I asked "5sos" he said with a big smile "No Fricking way!" I shouted with excitement "yup, they will be at here 2:00" He said with a smile.

"well now it's Maddie and nine guys" Louis said "we need to invite some girls" Liam said "we could invite Cher" Harry suggested "Cher Lloyd??" I asked "yup, I will go call her" Harry said. 

"can we invite a few more girls?" I asked hopeful "I don't know if know anymore girls to invite" Zayn said looking at the other boys.

I got my self a cup of apple juice. Harry walked back in "Cher can't come" he said sitting down again "oh thats fine, just me and nine guys" I said taking a sip of my juice.

"what kind of party do you want?" Liam asked "um we should do a pool party, so Niall you might wanna text the others boys to them to bring swim suits" and so he did. "we are all gonna go get some snacks and stuff for the party" Zayn said gesturing for the boys to come with him "I'm gonna say here with Maddie" Niall said hugging me

The other boys all left and it was just me and Niall. "Niall we should do some cleaning" I said putting my cup in the sink. "okay I will do the dishes and you can vacuum" he said walking over the sink. I got the vacuum out and vacuumed the whole house. 

Once I finished I looked at the clock and it was 1:45. "Niall they are gonna be here soon!" I shouted walking back down stairs , "okay I'm gonna go put on my swimming trunks" he said running upstairs.

The door bell rang and Niall ran back downstairs and answers the door. standing right there in front of me is 5sos. "Hey mate!" Calum says coming in and hugging Niall. They all hug Niall and I'm just standing in the background awkwardly. Ashton notices me standing there and comes over to me "You must Maddie" he said smiling "yes" I replied shyly "Niall wasn't lying, you are beautiful" he said looking me up and down, I couldn't stop blushing. "Ashton you're making the poor girl blush like crazy" Luke said putting his arm on my shoulder. 

the other boys finally got home after being gone for like ninety minutes. They set up all the food and Niall started up the grill. I ran upstairs to put on my swim suit ( 

I came back downstairs and all the boys were sitting on the couch. "why aren't you guys in the pool?" I asked "Ashton wanted to wait for you" Calum blurted out, Ashton punched his arm "shut up Calum" he yelled.

We all went to the pool. I laid my towel on the ground and began tanning, I put on my music and all of the sudden somebody yanked out my head phones and picked me up, I looked up and saw Louis, He threw me in the pool with the others. i popped up out of the water and saw everyone looking at me. louis jump in and splashed me. we all played in the pool for a few hours and we decided to eat. after we finished eating everybody wanted to play a game. We decided to play truth or dare. 

"okay Harry you go first""okay Maddie truth or dare?" he asked smirking "truth" "has anyone ever walked in on you changing?" "yes, when I was 11 I was at my friends house and he brother walked into her room and that happened to be where I was changing" I said slightly laughing. "okay Ashton truth or dare" I asked looking at him "ermm Dare" "Pick a person in the group and give them a kiss on the cheek" he looked around for a second then gave Michael a kiss on the cheek which made me giggle "okay my turn" Ashton said "Luke truth or dare?" "dare" he shouted "lick Zayn's face" he laughed "okay no problem" he grabbed Zayn's face and licked it.

"Maddie truth or dare" Luke asked "Truth" "again??" Louis asked "yes" I said back "okay when did you have your first kiss and who with?" he asked with a smirk, I looked and Harry before I said "today"  "and with who?" he Ashton asked pushing me slightly. I looked at Harry again and he mouthed Tell Them "um Harry" I mumbled.

"you kissed Harry??" Liam shouted "yes" I said looking up "okay let's stop playing this game" Harry said standing up. everyone got up and went inside, I went over to the pool and dangled my feet, I felt somebody sit next to me, I turned my head and saw Ashton "hey" he said "hey" I said and looked back down "so did you enjoy the kiss you shared with Harry?" he asked "well he wouldn't of been my first choice but it was good' I replied looking at him "if you could pick anyone to kiss who would it've been" he said looking at me too "my celebrity crush" I said "and who is that" he asked "umm you" I said quietly "oh thats cool" he said looking away.

All of the sudden he grabbed my face and kissed me, I immediately kissed back. He grabbed my waist and I put my arms around his neck and continued to kiss him. All of the sudden somebody pushed us into the pool. We looked up and saw Calum standing there laughing his head off "Calum you dick head!!" Ashton yelled. Calum ran back into the house screaming 'I saw Maddie and Ashton kissing!!' 

Ashton just shrugged and kissed me again. after we let go we got out of the pool and went inside. 

"so we heard you guys had a little intimate moment out there" Luke said nudging Ashton, Ashton and I both blushed. louis walked over to Ashton and slapped him "what the hell was that for" he said rubbing his cheek "bitch you kissed my daughter" he said sassily "its okay daddy I let him" I said and kissed him on the cheek "okay" he said and walked away.

We all walked to the basement and watched some movies. Michael,Luke and Niall sat on the floor and I sat next in the chair between Ashton and Zayn. During the movie Ashton grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him and whispered in my ear "will you be my girlfriend" he asked "yes of course" I whispered back, He kissed me once again and we watched the rest of the movie holding hands. 

I never thought my 15th birthday would be this fantastic.


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