Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


8. Announcement

Hello! This is Savannah's sister Acacia and I'm here to tell you that savannah hasn't been on lately because she went into labor on July 31st so she was 2 months early and the doctors don't know why she went so early, they said it wasn't normal for this to happen but Savannah is fine and baby Perrie is doing great, so Savannah wanted me to tell you guys this but i put on to late but she will be on soon. (after she feeds Perrie) : ) bye!  - Acacia.

P.S Savannah will post pictures soon. and tell you more details.


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