Being Paranormal

The secret village that is full of towns people who all know each other and their secrets. But they don't know about a boys secret, that maybe finish them forever without anyone knowing they existed...


5. The Story

"So about the Enchanted Forest?" Said Dylan.

"Yes it holds great spells to cure people like you seeing us."

"That still doesn't explain much."

"Well you can only see me because the night i died in hospital, you were there and the last i saw of anyone... I held your hand and thought the pain it struck me hard and something strange happened when you left the room... Blue sparks hit me from the machines around me and then the white light opened up to me."

"Wow were you in heaven."

"I guess you could say that. It was meant to happen, it was the only way to open the portal was by alot of power such a electric."

"Do you think it could bring you back?"

"Why should it im a ghost... Nothing can harm me."

Tod lent down and put his hands in his face.

"Im sorry." 

"Don't be, its not your fault i was hit by a car."


"Well. I flew up and saw my body and then my eyes shut i have lost my body at this point. The portal closed and i-i-i..."

"You what?"

"I don't remember... Until i hit the ground and everything was white. The man in front replied to the goblin at the desk. He said. I will not ruin my family's life and shall make them not be able to see me. Then the goblin said OK and it was my turn. I was told if i could pick anyone in the world to see me and... I..."

"You chose me."

Dylan had a tear in his eye

"Yes i did. I always want to see you Dylan. I never want to say goodbye, you have looked after we all my life until that day. Im 9 now and i have learnt alot how old are you?"

"Im 13."

The door swung open.

"So Tod can you tell me about this Enchanted Forest?"

Dylan looked up and saw his older sister who was 16.

"MUM! Dylan is talking to Tod again, please make him stop." She Cried.

Dylan's mum came rushing upstairs like she knew whats happening. She came in and grabbed Dylan and pulled him out the room.

"Please stop Dylan." She cried.

"Whys everyone crying Tod's right here. Mum look." He said.

Biscuit there dog came barking in aswell and was barking right next to where Tod was standing.

"See even biscuit can see him please mum."

Dylan broke free and ran out the kitchen door crying.


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