Being Paranormal

The secret village that is full of towns people who all know each other and their secrets. But they don't know about a boys secret, that maybe finish them forever without anyone knowing they existed...


3. The School Day Begins

Dylan was sat at a table in science full of other kids all talking to each other. The lesson was about tot began and the their teacher was coming along the corridor. Dylan looked at the classroom door and in the glass the face appeared, Dylan rubbed his eyes and after it was still there staring at him. He was about to say something when the door flew open and Mr Wormen entered the classroom smiling. Dylan saw everyone start to yawn. "I hope this isn't as boring as last lesson", a girl said. She leaned on her arm and tried going to sleep. Dylan was watching the door when suddenly he heard something call his name.

"Dylan, listen to me", said Mr Wormen.

"The ghost i can hear it calling me", said Dylan. He looked up and saw everyone laughing and pointing at him, whilst some people trying not to laugh that know him. He was so annoyed that he stood up and knocked his stool over, he went to grab a boy laughing at him next to him and before he did, a gush of wind blew from nowhere and hit the boy making him fly over another desk, he sat up holding his left cheek where it hit him. Everyone was shocked and stared at him with surprised faces. Dylan didn't know what to do next and walked out the classroom dragging his bag on the ground.


The Headmaster came around the corner whilst he was walking down the corridor and Dylan bumped into him. Dylan was in trouble now or was he. Jake came out a classroom and called Dylan. "There you are, sorry Headmaster he was going to the toilets and i was told to go and check on him", said Jake as fast as he could. The Headmaster was about say something and instead he smiled and walked away.

"Wait you better get back to class and the lesson should be over in five minuets", smiled the Headmaster. Dylan said thanks and went straight to the toilet whilst Jake went back to class and get his bag. Inside the boys toilets it was dark cold and creepy, the lights weren't working either. It was the worst place there was at this school, luckily they had more toilets but they were on the other side of school. Dylan washed his hands after and scrubbed off the chalk from his hands that they was on the tap of every sink, he looked up into the mirror and frowned. No one under stood what was happening to him, he decided to ignore these ghost appearances. But he knew he couldn't, he knew they were trying to contact him somehow. He heard the bell ring and took off.


At lunch time he was sat next to Jake and someone called Holy who was with Jake, she was knew to town and was scared from everyone else because they all are meanies to each other most of the time. Thats why Dylan and Jake are the only normal people at school and they sit far away from other people. Dylan bit into an apple and pulled it out his mouth, then he put it down on his plate trying to finish it off and speak. It was moving by itself suddenly and floated up high leaving everyone watching Dylan. He grabbed it as soon as the apple stopped moving and it stayed floating. People screamed and some ran laughing whilst calling him weirdo. Even Jake was more scared the minuet Dylan carried on eating the apple, he was trying to stop Jake from running because of the look in his eye trying to escape attention. "Stop it NOW",shouted Jake as he took pulled his bag on and left.

"No wait its not me, its not me. Why are you doing this to me",screamed Dylan. The room was empty with food thrown everywhere and Dylan sat alone in the cold with his head on the table shaking, its when the cafeteria got darker and cold until ghost floated around whistling and staring at Dylan. "Who are you, what are you doing". The ghost he saw at home was there and in the toilets was aswell. The ghost from the science door was a man in a suite and a black hat holding a suitcase was staring at Dylan.

"Were here now, were out now. Come and help us", said the man ghost. He was starting to turn and Dylan saw a knife inside the back of him dripping red shiny blood on the floor and then disappearing. Dylan was confused and didn't know what to do next, he followed the ghost out the cafeteria and out the school with everyone watching and standing back. Dylan started to float and the ghost took him up to light and dropped over a cloud. Dylan tried looking over the other side of the cloud to see the school and saw nothing but a ghost town, and they flew down. Literally it was now a ghost town and all the ghost were people from school and the village.    

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