Being Paranormal

The secret village that is full of towns people who all know each other and their secrets. But they don't know about a boys secret, that maybe finish them forever without anyone knowing they existed...


1. Introduction


 It started years ago when he was born. Dylan was ordinary little boy. But had a secret that he couldn't tell because he was to young to speak it. He eventually grew up and kept his secret, he knew it mustn't be told and none of the over kids could do it either. Hi friend Jake was jet blonde and spiked up a lot of the time, he was more dopy than Dylan when at school but isn't totally useless to him. Dylan grew old enough to start understanding things about how he could see ghost and why. Everyone thought he was crazy because he talked to himself. He actually was talking to the ghost around the town the whole time. He gave up and ignored the ghost until one day he wished he didn't... 

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